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Deal with symptoms, instead of wasting time with rebuttals

The government never baffles us with its perfectly aimed irony.
Just when we were beginning to believe that the death of four innocent children at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) on Christmas would spur the government into positive action, it is at it again; wasting its energy on issues that will not bring uninterrupted power supply to our homes, health facilities, industries, and the list is endless.
After all, it is true that four innocent children who were taken to KCH to have their lives prolonged through proper healthcare ended up having their lives cut short, ostensibly because of a power outage that, of all places, affected one of the major hospitals in the country.
But, instead of owning up to the mess, the Ministry of Health has, yet again, bombarded us with a needless statement that does little to heal the wounds of the bereaved families. The argument that one of the children had malaria or a severe medical condition is neither here nor there.
The truth is that power outages are here and have been plucking innocent lives in the country because, for reasons that baffle us, health facilities have not been spared. Even when it is clear that power outages have become so commonplace that they do not mind human life, let alone the lives of children, health facilities are not provided with enough resources, which is surprising because health is a human right.
We would have thought that our leaders were so sensible that they would begin to think, and talk, as logicians who, after embarking on a little exercise in logic, realise that a sensible proposition would lead them to the lead cause of problems such as the needless death of children at KCH.
In case our leaders do not find the right proposition, we are glad to embark on the exercise for their sake. The problem in this country, our leaders must know, is poor planning, which has led to, among other national problems, the incessant blackouts Malawians are being subjected to some 53 years after independence.
That is the root cause of the problem.
Secondly, our leaders must realise that it is them, and them alone— and not development partners— who can bail us out of the quagmire. We can do that by devising mechanisms that would guarantee uninterrupted electricity supply in the short, medium and long term.
A country maintained by nothing better than denials must inevitably fall into the pit of failure; which is painful because such denials can do nothing to change our situation.
Let the government solve current power supply problems and everything will fall into place. Denying the undeniable is treating symptoms of a problem— which, in this case, is government’s decision to deny that the children died due to the blackout— instead of dealing with the root cause, namely power outages.
Give us power. Give us life. Failing which, you have no moral ground to call yourselves our leaders.

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