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Dear Peter

Dear Peter,

I am happy that you are in robust health as it was seen during your presser in Lilongwe on Friday. It is always a relief to see you alive and kicking. I was really impressed by your swagger and, of course, relieved to see you using both hands, at last.

Dear Peter, I must confess that after Friday, I am really walking on springs especially after learning that you take time to read Tales of Time. You did not need to conceal the identity of the person who opined about the death of your brother, Bingu wa Mutharika. It was me who you quoted on Friday. I feel very proud of that. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

But before I proceed, dear Peter, I am surprised that you still read the papers. Didn’t you, just like your predecessor Joyce Banda tell the nation that you do not read the newspaper? Dear Peter, when you said that you do not read the newspaper I knew that you were lying. And in Malawi, presidents are liars so I forgive you for that.

Dear Peter, let me tell you about Bingu, your brother. I am someone’s brother and I have brothers as well. I would be livid to learn that someone wished my brother dead. And I would be mad to hear or read someone saying the death of my brother was necessary. Dear Peter, I understand that Bingu was so close to your heart. I sometimes picture you and Bingu catching tadpoles along the cesspools of Thuchila or chasing grasshoppers at Goliati in your youthful days. It is really so hard to lose a brother.

Dear Peter, I must say again and without an iota of regret that Bingu’s departure from our midst was necessary. With him at the helm, especially in the twilight of his life, Malawi became a perfect example of everything bad about a nation. Those of us from the other side of the fence were tired of his rotten dictatorship and stinking tribalism. Your brother tolerated corruption with depressing

abandonment. Because of one man, Malawi became a pariah state. So, in one way or the other he had to leave to give us room to breathe. I would have loved him to live and enjoy some retirement at his Ndata, but death thought otherwise.

Anyway, dear Peter, let our beloved Bingu rest in peace. The truth is that I have never wished you sick or dead as you claimed. I must be honest that I am not your admirer and I am one of the very honest Malawians who can look you in the face and tell you that your leadership, dear Peter, is questionable. You seem to me someone who was pushed or dragged to the presidency. But let us not get into that now.

Dear Peter, I keep referring to Bingu because whatever happened to him might also happen to you. And some of the things have already started happening. It is regrettable that most of our judgement is corrupted by power. You, dear Peter, have become blind that you cannot see some things that are happening to you. Let me be your mirror and please pay attention.

Your brother, Bingu, was a good man and the visionary leader we all dreamt to have. In fact, Bingu was a million streets ahead of you in terms of leadership acumen. Sadly, he got drunk with power and got poisoned with the belief that Malawi belongs to the Lhomwe’s alone. Every job on the land was reserved for his tribesmen. Those who surrounded him took advantage of his paranoia and fed him with lies until he became someone intoxicated with fear of illusory enemies, and he got angry at even his shadow.

So, dear Peter, l will not sugarcoat the truth here. I am appointing myself an unpaid advisor. Look around you. All those people you see are liars and only there to use your Mutharika tag to have access to the national purse. They do not care whether you are sick or fit but they want you at State House just as protection for their thievery.

Look hear, dear Peter, the reason these people made you have a public stunt on your arrival regardless of the pain you were in panicked because they know you are their licence to stealing from the public purse. By the way, those who were writing unconfirmed obituaries about you wished you were dead not because you are a bad person but because they know your departure means an exit of your boys that are stealing from government without an inch of remorse. Some wished you had departed not because you are not-so-good a leader but they just want a turn to steal from government just like your boys are doing.

You might be surprised while I get concerned about your affairs, I know. You know, the name Peter is so important in our family. My grandfather was Peter, the first born in my father’s family was Peter and the first born in our family is Peter. So, when a Peter is being abused by, let’s say his minions, like you are doing now, I get angry, very angry dear Peter.

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