Debate on Be Forward Wanderers colour


Ahead of the 2017 campaign, debate has resurfaced on Be Forward Wanderers’ playing squad’s continued use of orange kit at the expense of the traditional blue.

However, Wanderers General Secretary, Mike Butao, last Thursday insisted that, after a lengthy explanation over the years, their fans have no issue with orange.

“I think the fans have been innovative enough to blend the two colours. The fans have come to embrace orange as the team’s colour and blue as the club’s colour,” Butao explained.


“We have not changed the traditional colour. But there has to be a middle ground between the club and the sponsor. We cannot just receive, receive without giving an inch.

“At the end of the day, we have to look at the bigger picture. Are we ready to let our players suffer without sponsorship just because we do not want them to wear an orange kit for just 90 minutes? It is not like blue and white have been discarded. And that is why our tracksuits are still blue.”

However, former Wanderers official, Ernest Maganga, claimed that most fans are reluctant to adopt the club’s Japanese sponsor, Be Forward Limited’s orange.


“A sponsor cannot dictate the colour of a club. In fact, it is supposed to be the other way round. The sponsor has to say ‘I am proud to associate with this club’s colour,’ explained Maganga, who served in several roles at Wanderers.

“Unfortunately, supporters have not adopted the new colour. It is only the players who are putting on orange. People have not welcomed the new colour.”

Wanderers Supporters Committee General Secretary, Herbert Mapira, yesterday faulted the Executive Committee for insisting on orange.

“Supporters complain about this issue everyday. We are not comfortable putting on orange. I am actually putting on blue attire now. The Executive Committee insists that as long as the team is winning, there is no issue wearing orange,” Mapira said.

But earlier Butao cited top teams such as Liverpool of England who switch from the traditional red to orange, grey and black.

However, Liverpool only change colours when playing away.

Be Forward Limited bailed out Wanderers with the sponsorship after Malawi Telecommunications Limited had dumped the team.

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