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Declarations of faith

Sunday devotion

Bible meditation:

Proverbs 18:21 (MSG) – Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose.

Devotional Thought:

The Bible is crystal clear that words carry power of death and life, blessing and cursing. It does not matter under which circumstances you are uttering those words. It is high time you make a choice of the words you want to use upon your life. Words can either make or break you; and God has left that choice into your hands.

If there is going to be a great year, then make the one you are in now a great year. Speak life to this year. Be specific in your prayers and confessions this year. Animals have a habit of marking their territories. Start marking this year as your own territory. You can do that by speaking faith declarations.

If you have ventured into business start making declarations of a thriving business. If you have ventured into farming; start making declarations of a bumper harvest this year. If you are jobless, start making declarations of a secured employment this year.

If you are venturing into real estate, then start making faith declarations of the land and property to own. Declare concerning the land you want to own. The infrastructures you want to build. The gardens and fields you want to cultivate.

If you want security for your marriage, then start making declarations of success, prosperity, peace, joy and love for it. As you declare, you have no idea the transactions that are taking place in the spirit realm. Nobody will be able to touch you in your marked territory.

Say for instance you have been trying this and that to make things work, but to no avail. Do not give room to panic and unbelief. Let the grace that was upon King David, start working upon your life. David had the grace to hit the target.

Remember that it took only one stone for David to strike down the giant in Goliath. You also can do away with failure by tapping into this grace. Start making your confessions that you will not miss your targets this year. At your first attempt, its possible to strike that deal and win.

There is a lot that threatens us daily in our lives. Fear of both the unknown and the well-known factors. Tap into the grace of no fear that was with David. He faced both the bear and the lion as a shepherd boy and killed these beasts in the wilderness. Goliath came his way and he did not give room to fear.

Remember that God has given you a spirit of faith power and not that of fear (2 Timothy 1:7). Fear has its origins in the devil, and it is a weapon he uses to extinguish your faith. He knows that once your fears take over, you are cornered for failure and disaster.

Life in the faith is all about the revelation you hear and practice. Today’s revelation is that your words carry power. Through this same word some people can come out with a testimony. With the same revelation you can survive unforeseen circumstances in life, excel and prosper in all you do.

Action Point:

Start making your declarations of faith today. This in a way is giving a license to the Spirit of God to start operating upon your life. Let the demonic world bow the moment they hear the Name Jesus coming out of your mouth! You can win in Jesus Name!

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