Declare your stand— analysts tell Walter Nyamilandu


Football Association of Malawi (Fam) President, Walter Nyamilandu, has been advised to disclose his stand on the association’s December elections to avoid bickering in the campaign period.

Football analyst Peterkins Kayira was reacting to a legal opinion by former Be Forward Wanderers general secretary (GS), David Kanyenda, that Fifa statutes allow Nyamilandu to stand for three more four-year terms of office.

Nyamilandu, who has been at the helm for 15 years, told The Daily Times on Monday that he would make his position “clear in the next few days.”


“There is no statutory provision barring the Fam president from contesting. But the issue is that he needs to make his position clear whether he is contesting or not. The problem is that there is a lot of hate-speech, but we need to put love first. This is why the president must come in the open,” Kayira said.

Former Fam acting GS, George Kaudza-Masina, said it was wrong for Nyamilandu to keep affiliates and the nation in suspense over his position regarding the polls.

“It is time he cleared the mist to give affiliates and other contestants time to plan. I think the waiting game is over. However, it is also important to know that he is eligible to stand. The only way to remove him from power is through the ballot box. So, just like we entrust our members of Parliament to present our grievances in Parliament and pass bills that pleases us, we must also trust the affiliates to do the right things. Legally, Walter is free to contest but morally, I don’t know,” Kaudza-Masina said.


However, another critic, Kim Kamau, questioned Kanyenda’s remarks saying they did not make any difference.

“Maybe Mr. Kanyenda has been out of touch [with football matters] for some time, so he is unaware of some things. Everyone is aware that the president [Nyamilandu] is eligible to contest. However, people are protesting against his [potential] candidature because he has failed Malawi football. Women’s football is in a mess. There is no sponsorship; beach soccer is also remembered when there are events. Referees and coaches also have problems emanating from his [Nyamilandu] leadership,” he said.

Karonga United Chairperson, Alufeyo Chipanga-Banda, former Fam vice-president Moses Mkandawire, and incumbent first vice-president James Mwenda, have announced that they would contest for the presidency.

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