Dedza Police champion self-discipline


Lack of self-discipline and professionalism has from time immemorial suffocated good governance and service delivery in many sectors, national security inclusive.

It is not surprising, therefore, that there have been cases whereby men and women in uniform have been accused of going against the laws they vow to safeguard or promote.

In Malawi, this has even bled mob justice on suspects and destruction of police infrastructures further defeating good governance and the rule of law.


Some people have even argued that funds pumped into the reform in the Malawi Police Service is a waste, suggesting further that better it had been officially diverted to other deserving sectors or services.

It could be against that background or the longing to keep those under her jurisdiction in the right course that Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Emmie Soko led a team of high-ranking officers visiting police formation in Dedza with purposeful messages.

Among other police posts, Soko, who is Officer-in-charge (OC) of Dedza Police, visited Mtakataka, Chimbiya, Namoni-Katengeza and Mayani in what Dedza police deputy spokesperson Cassim Manda said was inspirational talks meant to encourage the law enforcers to be steadfast as their work demands.


“It was also an exercise of motivating police officers on their efforts towards the safety of people living with albinism,” Manda said.

Cases of abduction, killing or graves of people living with albinism robbery have been rampant in Malawi and a concern the world over such that questions about good governance, political will and rule of law have been at stake in the country.

At Mtakataka Police Post, which oversees Traditional Authority Kachindamoto, officers were commended for putting strategies that have the safety of people living with albinism at heart. Official records show that there are 34 in the area.

Said Manda: “The OC encouraged officers to continue escorting children living with albinism when going to school and coming back home because it has proved worthwhile as it has put to an end attacks on people living with albinism.”

At all the police posts, Soko strongly encouraged the law enforcers to refrain from corruption, saying the practice is an enemy of police routine.

“It is an enemy of police code of conduct as it infringes on good governance, as such every police officer should not indulge in such malpractice,” Soko said.

She also told her charges to abstain from sexual immorality as one way of promoting health for themselves and their families.

In condemning extramarital affairs, the OC said the police should be keeping their families safe from sexually transmitted infections, observing that any sickness whether on an employee or spouse has a bearing on the nation.

Many people have applauded the drive by the OC, saying it has a huge impact on good governance.

“Reminding each other of the strategic elements of your profession is good and considering that police work cuts across the services of many including process of justice delivery, one would not fail to appreciate the efforts of the Dedza OC in upholding good governance,” social commentator Mabvuto Chisese said.

He added: “When the police realise that they are called to service to meet the job demands and expectation of people across political, religious and cultural landscape, the nation shall talk of good governance with pride.”

Manda said: “As a police service, we shall endure to serve the nation and the people without compromise.”

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