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I have techie ears. My ears, like those of a rabbit, tilt every time I hear anything technological. And I have heard a lot recently.

La liga and EPL football leagues have resumed without spectators but not without the usual supporters’ noise that accompany the TV broadcasts of these matches. How is that possible with such empty stadiums? Technology is filling in the gaps.

According to BBC, supporters are being virtually transported into stadiums. Using an internet link and a webcam, a supporter’s picture and voice are placed on a virtual stand and relied on a TV channel.


This makes the television broadcast more lively and not as somber as it would be in a literally empty stadium.

Eco Bank has new attention-grabbing e-banking products. The first that really catches my fancy is a feature on its online banking app. There is a facility there that allows customers to send money to anybody without knowing that person’s bank details.

You send the money to a link via email or SMS. The recipient of the link fills in own bank details and behold, the system transfers the money. That is cool.


You need not know somebody’s phone number; a mere email address does the magic. Nirvana.

Using the same Eco Bank mobile money app, a customer can create a temporary debit card and go ahead to use it on online stores like eBay or indeed buy a book from Amazon. This ensures security; you only use such temporary debit cards once.

I am hoping that Eco Bank is going to extend this to local purchases. It would be nice to create a temporary debit card for shopping at Game, Shoprite or Sana.

National Bank of Malawi has recently been promoting cardless withdraws through their app. The bank’s ATM were enabled for cardless withdrawal as far back as last year.

Now that many banks have cardless withdraws, why are banks still forcing customers to buy ATM cards?

Take FDH for example, the banks has had cardless withdraws for some years now. FDH uses its 525 system for customer point of sale and does not using old card swipe system. So, why should FDH still promote Debit cards?

Perhaps the reasoning is that there are still customers who may not be tech-savvy enough to migrate to the new systems. Whatever the reason is, banks need not force customers to buy ATM cards especially during account opening. It should be optional.

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