Demons we have to exorcise from Maba


Formation of a professional boxing splinter group which will trade under the banner of Malawi Boxing Association (Maba) is potential disaster to the already fragile sport. It is easy to be confused with this madness.

Professional boxing in the country is administered by Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board (MPBCB) on the understanding that Maba will concentrate on developing amateur boxers.

However, I was shocked to read in the local press that Maba has formed an arm which will also be administering professional boxing.


To the chagrin of most boxing followers, some professional boxers such as Wilson Masamba have already announced their resignation from MPBCB to Maba.

It does not require rocket science to know that the formation of this splinter group will add more confusion to the already confused sport.

It is surprising that instead of concentrating on developing proper structures and strategies for amateur boxing in the country, Maba has decided to complicate matters by giving itself unnecessary responsibilities which they cannot ably handle.


Wouldn’t it have made sense that Maba concentrate more on its core duty of developing amateur boxing than adding to its the responsibilities the administration of professional boxing in the country?

Maba needs to show the nation their achievements because I have not heard much activities of Maba since they were elected into office some two years ago.

Now if Maba is failing to promote amateur boxing what leverage do they have to develop professional boxing? Isn’t this decision made out of greed?

A tiny and underdeveloped country like Malawi cannot afford to have two bodies running professional boxing when amateur boxing is still in doldrums.

In fact, Malawi lacks quality professional boxers because our amateur boxing policy is bad. It is, therefore, ridiculous and unacceptable for someone to imagine that Malawi can afford to have two bodies running professional boxing.

This decision leaves a lot to be desired and it makes some of us suspect that this sport is full of mercenaries without the interest of the sport at heart.

The boxing fraternity cannot afford to stomach such madness.

Duplicating roles, which is already being managed by another, is total madness.

Of course, most of us might have issues with MPBCB but accepting that Maba should run the affairs of professional boxing is counter-productive. All these decisions hinge on greed and this is the demon we have to exorcise from Maba.

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