Demonstrations have created animosity—Dausi


Homeland Security Minister, Nicholas Dausi, has said there is growing animosity between the citizenry and police due to the ongoing nationwide Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) organised demonstrations.

Dausi made the remarks in Mzuzu City Wednesday after visiting Chiputula and Chibavi Township police stations which protesters torched during anti-Jane Ansah demonstrations meant to push for the Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson’s resignation.

“Those that are organising demonstrations must be very careful with how they relay their messages. The incessant attacks on police have resulted in perpetuation of hatred between the citizenry and the service men, which is very unfortunate. We appeal to leaders, whether it is HRDC or our colleagues in the opposition, to preach peace. Malawi is a poor country but we are known for peace, order and stability as the Warm Heart of Africa,” he said.


Recently, Dausi claimed that 850 live ammunition, hand grenades and teargas canisters were stolen in Lilongwe during demonstrations that took place on August 6 2019.

HRDC leaders met Attorney General (AG) Kalekeni Kaphale in Lilongwe Wednesday after the Supreme Court issued a 14-day moratorium urging stakeholders to come up with ways of holding violence-free protests.

Dausi also visited three flats of police houses which have 12 apartments built in Area 4 in Mzuzu but have been neglected for nine years since construction.


In 2014, President Peter Mutharika promised to build 10,000 houses for Malawi Police Service, Malawi Prison Service and Malawi Defence Force personnel but only 200 have been built.

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