‘Designers sleeping’


One of the designers in the country Innocencia Purity Kasambara has hit at fellow designers saying they are ‘sleeping and snoring so hard,’ and failing to contribute to the development and growth of the fashion industry.

The Lilongwe-based designer said it is high time designers in the country woke up from their slumber and engaged in different fashion projects that would propel the industry.

“There are no fashion shows, no fashion awards. There is too much selfishness, there is power in unity. This creativity we are sitting on can take Malawi somewhere,” said the designer.


The Creative Director at Adam’s Needle said fashion designers have a lot to offer Kasambara, suggesting that they can use fashion to campaign for so many issues.

“We can use fashion to campaign for a lot of things for instance fighting against gender based violence, parliamentary bills and fundraising. The Ministry of Information, Tourism and Culture can help and we can reach out to Non-Governmental organisations (NGOs) and the corporate world for help,” she said.

Kasambara further said that as designers they have resources but they are failing to utilise them.


“Tourism and fashion are very connected. The same way with writing, singing and everything else. I think we should just pick up the duty of teaching those who can’t understand, we should not get tired. And I should not lie, it really kills me how our fashion industry is not doing well and yet we have the capabilities and resources only that we don’t know how to use them,” she said.

Her views which she posted on her Facebook wall attracted comments from other people.

Raphael Makaka commenting on the issue said:

“Yes I agree…however there seem to be a problem to this that I feel attracts a holistic approach to it as a whole fashion industry. We ought to know that our country is just maturing in most spheres which means some of these industries are struggling to get the positive node from corporate world.”

Makaka said this is the industry that drives brands awareness and other productive marketing related benefits and called on the industry to fight on for the corporate world to recognise them.

Dennis Imaan who has always champion, tourism, said there was need for artists and people from all other sectors to join hands and work towards one goal.

“What’s the future of the so called arts industry in the tourism action plans? Fashion industry is not just about the clothes, we need writers to write about these, we need artists, event planners and organisers, make-up artists, we need accommodation providers, food service providers, transport, communication, we need everyone,” he said.

He said people are selfish and work in isolation and that with this nothing can go forward.

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