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Dikamawoko Arts in 16 Days of Activism

NKHONJERA —Artists have a voice

Dikamawoko Arts Director, Tawonga Nkhonjera, has said art has a very important role to play in disseminating different awareness messages and help bring about change in the society.

Nkhonjera, who is a renowned filmmaker, actor and poet, said artists are not only there to offer entertainment but that they also have a duty to use their talents to tackle various issues, hence their participation in the 16 Days of Activism.

He said Dikamawoko Arts will be engaged in activities alongside other players in the creative industry to talk about gender-based abuse.

“It is more than physical violence. We are having 16 days of artistic performances, activities and presentations for open dialogue on eradication of gender-based abuse starting on November 25 2019 to December 16 2019,” Nkhonjera said.

The activities will be held at Panthunzi in Blantyre where they will have music, dance, theatre and art exhibition, among other things.

“Our aim is to have new artworks on gender-based violence, professional discussions, seminars and workshops. We hope that we can address one of the problem statements stated in the National Plan for Action against Gender-Based Violence, which bemoans the lack of full engagement of the corporate sector in the fight against gender-based Violence,” Nkhonjera said.

He added that as an artist, he also studied environmental health which stoked his passion for public health.

He said as Dikamawoko Arts, they work in awareness promotion and advocacy on many public-health issues in the country and that gender-based violence was a grave public health matter of concern.

“Artists have a voice; an attraction. The biggest purpose of our observing 16 Days of Activism is to address all this. We will have lots of activities and we will also invite women in the corporate institutions to devise panel discussions on how to end gender-based violence at work and homes,” Nkhonjera said.

Meanwhile, Nkhonjera has revealed that Agorosso has recorded a theme song.

“At the end of it all, we hope to bring together artists, corporate players, ministry officials, professionals in gender-based violence issues, community members and the media. This will be achieved through artistic performances and activities in film, music, theatre, poetry, photography exhibitions, fashion, storytelling, self defence and culinary arts,” he said.

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