Dingiswayo Gomani insists he is Crown Prince


A day after elders and prominent Ngoni traditional leaders threw their weight behind Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani V, Dingiswayo Gomani who was declared Chief Gomani by a faction of the royal family, has insisted that the throne has changed hands and it is now his time rule.

Dingiswayo, who derives his stand from a resolution of the ‘breakaway’ royal family group that is aggrieved for being sidelined by the Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani and those close to the throne, says nobody should take lightly Senior Prince Titus Gomani’s move to declare him [Dingiswayo] as the new ruler of the Maseko Ngoni.

“Ndege ikanyamuka pa airport ya Chileka siibwelera [we cannot rescind our decision], I Dingiswayo Samson Gomani Maseko is on the Gomani throne and it cannot be reversed. The family has placed me on that throne and we are just waiting for formalisation by government,” he said during a press conference that took place in Limbe, on Wednesday.


But on Tuesday, many Impi [elders] of the Gomani chieftainship that included prominent lawyers, during another press briefing stressed the decision by the Titus Gomani/Dingiswayo faction lacked credibility and merit, both traditionally and legally.

The elders, that also included Ngoni Chiefs [Inkosi] Njolomole, Kwataine and Makwangwala, laughed off the declaration of the parallel chief [Dingiswayo], strongly condemning it as an act of greed by some disgruntled royal family members.

“Inkosi ya Makosi Mswati Willard Gomani V is the Paramount Chief of the Maseko Ngoni in Malawi; our chieftainship has set guidelines and principles that are well set and followed to the book. No one can just wake up and say he has fired a chief or place one of his personal choice on the throne of the Paramount Chief,” said during the Tuesday’s press briefing, Henry Gomani Maseko, a senior member of the Royal Gomani family.


“In our tradition, and indeed our Paramount Chieftainship, a chief is known from birth because of our traditional laid out procedures – from Gomani I, II, III, IV and V, the line of succession was well known and our relatives, who are trying to place the parallel structure, are just being misguided when they actually know there is not issue there,” he said.

But Dingiswayo said it was now time “of rectifying deliberate mistakes by the Inkosi ya Makosi and her aunt Mrs. Malinki, who have been shunning other family members in crucial decision- making consultations.

“Since being crowned a Paramount Chief, Mswati has been bringing division within our clan and tribe, hence the reason for our senior prince Titus Gomani’s decision to replace him with me,” he said, challenging their grouping had followed all the channels of trying to sort grievances.

Lawyer Simao Chatepa, who said was legal adviser to Dingiswayo Gomani, said the faction was justified to seek redress and was following the right procedure that goes with ejecting from chieftainship following the Chiefs’ Act.

“I cannot say right things are being done or not, but let us look at whether the procedures were followed in this thing. Those that are involved in the process of nominating the chief are also involved in axing a Paramount Chief should there be abuse of office or problems that deserve that to be done,” he said, citing sections of the Chiefs’ Act that allows the President to crown a chief and sack him/her.

Chatepa said the family is a crucial vehicle, according to both the Chiefs’ Act and Ngoni tradition, in deciding who must be chief and [if he/she acts to the contrary expectations or misbehaves], recommending to the State President to fire the said chief.

But, during Tuesday’s pro-the-reigning Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani’s press conference, prominent legal minds Justice Jane Ansah, an Impi herself and lawyer Chikumbutso Mkwamba said there are set procedures culturally and also legally [by way of Chief Act] that are supposed to be exhausted, which had not been done in the present issue.

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