Do not be fooled by these smoke and mirrors


Campaign period for the forthcoming Fam elections to be held in Salima on December 12 opened last Saturday, but we are yet to see the euphoria and intoxication that go with the elections.

Aspirants to Fam executive committee are free to campaign for any position as long as they fulfil all the legal requirements. It is my sincere hope that the campaign will be free and fair.

As anticipated, there would be a lot of new breed of aspirant with their well-cut suits and richly-embroidered robes trying to convince the electorates that they are the best to run Malawi football.


These aspirants are dreaming sleeping in those poshy hotels in Zurich, Switzerland after December 12. Some of these aspirants are genuine and they deserve a place in the executive, but some are quarks masquerading as football administrators.

A close scrutiny shows that some old recycled football politicians who messed up our beautiful game want to give it a try.

These were the administrators when it came to money, words like shame and dishonour seem to have lost their meaning. Their priority was not the long-term good of football, but the health of their bank accounts.


Memories are still fresh of how during their reign when they doubled as party zealots used to terrorise the media and how football supporters started manning the turnstiles at the stadiums. Until now, football is still struggling to get chemotherapy for this cancer.

Some are peddling the propaganda that they represent state interest in this election. They pretend that they have the money to develop the game. Now these upstarts want to gravitate to football like flies to a corpse.

It is sad that football administration is being demeaned to the extent that those who have never been associated with it, and they do not even know the complexity of local football politics, harbour their ambition to sleep in those posh Zurich hotels.

My advice is that football is a different ball game and if you are not careful you will have a rude awakening as humiliation will be in abundance in Salima come December 12.

It is my sincere hope that affiliates will be mature enough to make plausible decisions especially when nominating candidates. They should not be fooled by these smoke and mirrors.

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