Do not blame the media, sir


In the four years that Peter Mutharika has been President of Malawi, one thing he has done consistently is to blame the media for anything that comes to his mind.
Monday, during the commemoration of John Chilembwe Day, Mutharika, while conceding that there is corruption in his government, blamed the media for what he thinks is exaggeration of the corruption situation in the country.
Mutharika should stop living in an illusory world where he thinks the media will clap hands at little efforts to fight corruption or keep mum in the face of rampant corruption as is the case now.
The President knows that even within his Cabinet there is booming corruption. Mutharika must not look far; just a glance at his lieutenants would be enough to convince him that corruption is not as minimal as he wants the world to believe.
People who are close to power have overnight gotten rich, yet there is nothing they are doing other than stealing from the public purse.
The media that Mutharika is working so hard to vilify have played a watchdog role and have stood for Malawians to expose and fight corruption. We do not want to speak about how the media burst the shady maize deal between Malawi and Zambia and many other corruption schemes.
Instead of venting his anger at the media, Mutharika should engage in a serious war against corruption. Whether he likes it or not, Mutharika must accept that the fight against corruption has weakened on his watch more than on any of the presidents that this country has had.
Blaming the media for anything will not help matters and it only shows that the President does not like wise counsel. All he needs is to live in an imaginary world where all what people do is praise him for anything.
Mr President accept the truth that there is stinking corruption in the country which is even encouraged by people close to you.
Our unwavering promise to the President is that the media will not relent in exposing the corruption that is flourishing under his watch.

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