Does DPP know the spelling of dialogue?


For a party that is used to insulting honest and hard working Malawians when they demand good governance and accountability, the turn-around from the DPP, that it now prefers dialogue with five CSOs that are going to court over abuse of state companies, might be surprising.

But I am the least perplexed and here is why.

Look, the DPP is simply following a repeated script of buying time that has served it so well all these years to dupe and subdue Malawians into utter submission so they forget worries and issues of concern.


The matter at hand is a typical example.

After being queried for bullying and ransacking impoverished city councils and state companies to fund their late night shindig of wining and dining, dubbed Blue Night, the leadership of the DPP was at its vintage best in insulting patriotic Malawians demanding the rule of law, accountability, transparency, justice and fairness on the matter.

Good old Hetherwick Ntaba, who currently trades in politics as DPP Vice President, described calls that they grabbed the money by duress from struggling entities such as the Lilongwe Water Board that cannot replace broken pipes, as rubbish.


Queried on the same, Gresseder Jeffrey, the one with an acidic and vile tongue, called Malawians who have opined that the abuse can only be rectified if the money was returned as being high on weed or marijuana.

Well, Gresseder comes from the lakeshore district of Nkhotakota, where the police have a torrid time in intercepting the contraband and, so, it is something that came close to her mind in so far as the DPP’s pastime of insulting Malawians who refuse abuse and demand the best for themselves and their children is concerned.

But for a party whose officials are so used to insulting Malawians all the time, the turnaround might be surprising to some but I say no.

The DPP is toning down because it has realised dismissing the five civil society organisations with the wave of its hand, so that we all forget and move on to wait for another round of abuse and bad governance, is not working.

The CSOs gave the DPP 14 days to return the money and they have not.

Faced with a lawsuit and bad publicity as the country inches close to 2019, the DPP now says it wants dialogue.

But when did DPP dialogue with anybody for the good of the nation? Does the party even know the colour and spelling of dialogue?

Does DPP think Malawians have forgotten how it treated Public Affairs Committee (Pac) when it demanded dialogue with government on resolutions of its first all-inclusive conference that included an end to corruption, nepotism and selective justice?

President Peter Mutharika’s idea of meeting top Pac leaders on the matter was to embarrass, humiliate and intimidate them at State House with a 12- member delegation from his side. And he made that sure the meeting was televised on MBC TV.

The President then formed a bogus ministerial committee whose only mandate was to come up with one excuse after the other so that no meaningful meeting takes place.

One day the excuse would be Parliament was in session while the other it would be travel by ministers involved.

In the end, no meeting took place and the matter was conveniently swept under the carpet and DPP lived happily thereafter while Pac was plastered with an egg all over its face.

These are the tactics of the DPP government—well crafted, polished and mastered through practice all these years.

The five CSOs will be foolhardy to believe a word that DPP is saying on dialogue.

The DPP simply wants to move on and will not pay back a single dime of the money they bullied city councils and state companies into giving them.

Which is why, for the impunity to stop, the High Court must come to the rescue of the long suffering Malawians by coming up with a ruling that calls a spade by its rightful name of a spade and not a big spoon.

Malawians have suffered enough at the hands of struggling state companies that cannot even repair a broken water pipe and have now resorted to pumping toilet stuff into people’s homes and disguise it as water.

DPP only listens to protests, strikes and court cases. It does not know the spelling of the word dialogue and what it means.

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