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Don’t let them fool you

The year 2018 is here. This is the very first day of the precious beginning of another cycle. Happy New Year everyone! It is amazing how time flies! To think it has been a full year since that last New Year. Actually, I remember recently having so much anticipation for the New Year because the whole country was pregnant with election fever. But, then, that is three years ago as we entered the year 2014. Time flies indeed.
As we enter the New Year, people carry different sentiments of what the New Year means to them. For others, it is the beginning of a new life or a new set of plans; for others, it marks the end or maturity of old plans and investments. For others, it marks the beginning of any other year or end of any other year. For others, it, literally, is just any other day. People carry different sentiments depending on who they are, where they are in life, their resources, their level of influence, their life goals and principles, their social and professional network and other related factors.
There is always the talk of New Year resolutions as we enter the New Year. New Year resolutions encompass the reflection, refocusing and planning that people engage in as they enter a new year to map a way forward in the year. They are considered a code of conduct, a strategic plan, a set of principles or a motivation outline for the New Year. New Year resolutions can be personal, spiritual, religious, professional, academic, relational, social or in any other aspect of life that is relevant to an individual. Resolutions can also be combined.
The thing about resolutions is that, apparently, a lot of people do not follow them through. Apparently, the trend is that most people make robust resolutions at the beginning of the year, only for their morale to wane a few months down the line. This has led many to lose their belief in the relevance or importance of making New Year resolutions.
First of all, we do not know what everyone in the world had as New Year resolutions and some resolutions cannot be said out loud but people still make them. This means that we cannot always know, for sure, if people are not following through their New Year resolutions except when we hear from those who say that they have failed to do so. This makes us fall into a comfortable group-think arena where we feel that, at least, there are many of ‘us’ who are failing to follow through.
Secondly, life is dynamic. We make plans and a lot of things change along the way, especially things we have no control over. We think of ways to do something and, along the way, we find better ideas or realise that we have to take a longer route, or a totally different route, to achieve that objective. From far, it might seem to others that we have deviated from the course when, in essence, at the end of the year, we would have achieved the core mission that we had charted at the beginning of the year.
Lastly, there are people out there that make New Year resolutions and actually follow through them. Year in, year out, they are making strides. Some just do not have the energy to convince people— who are more comfortable with being in the group of ‘us— who do not follow through resolutions that resolutions are actually doable. Some would, rather, be the ones who make the strides and leave others behind. Some simply do not care about your resolutions because they are too busy working on theirs.
The moral of the story is look to your own New Year resolutions and make resolving to see them through one of your 2018 resolutions. We add value to ourselves and those around us by consciously bringing growth into our lives. We will not wake up one day to find that the things we wanted to happen have magically happened without us working on them and putting in relentless effort and without us setting milestones that guide our life’s work. So, next time you hear them say New Year resolutions are a failed cause, don’t let them fool you, chart yours and see them through.
Again, Happy New Year!
I rest my case.

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