DPP beneficiary of MCP wrangles


Whatever is driving MCP Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo to sow seeds of confusion into MCP, the only ultimate beneficiary of that action, who should be smiling ear to ear by now, is the ruling DPP.

Last Saturday, Kaliwo gathered a small band of disgruntled former MCP district chairmen at Grace Bandawe in Blantyre where he invited journalists to tell them that he has been petitioned, as a secretary general of the party, to call for a convention in July.

Kaliwo claimed the party’s constitution mandates him to do that as requested by the chairmen, a view that the party’s hierarchy rejects.


The leadership insists that it is only the MCP National Executive Committee (NEC) that can call for a convention, petition or no petition.

This is a senseless conversation for the party to have at this point because either way, the party is obliged to hold a convention before 2019 when the mandate of the present NEC expires.

MCP does not go into a general election without a convention. Simply put, the matter that Kaliwo is raising is a waste of time.


This should be a big surprise looking at Kaliwo and his stature in this country.

He is a smart lawyer, a former director of the Anti- Corruption Bureau for that matter!

But all this puts into question Kaliwo’s motives to conduct a senseless press conference surrounded by districts chairmen whose terms expired a long time ago.

At the risk of sounding repetitive like an old scratched vinyl record; and too obvious, I will still need to say this.

The democracy that Malawians chose in 1993 needs MCP today for it to thrive and benefit us all.

We need a credible opposition to provide the alternative views to those of the DPP government. We need a credible opposition to stand up to DPP after power has gone to their heads and they think they have a God-given right to mess us all.

And they have messed us big time—selective justice, nepotism, corruption, general malaise and mismanagement of the economy, no development plan, abuse of resources, abuse of power– I can go on naming DPP ‘sins’ until the cows come home.

The ultimate result of all this is that we are all damned.

The extremely low quality of life that the majority of Malawians are experiencing is enough testimony that this country is on a wrong trajectory.

The only consolation is that Malawians retain the right to tell DPP in the face that they are screwing up.

MCP is in a better position to do this on behalf of Malawians. It is competitive politics and as MCP projects itself to be an alternative government in waiting, Malawians will be the only beneficiaries.

Yet this cannot happen if MCP is engaged in stupid and senseless conversations that cannot help Malawians.

Kaliwo is smart and knows that he is doing the bidding for the ruling DPP which would be happy to see MCP destroyed.

I am sure that DPP leadership is laughing its lungs out, gulping down Champagne as well as smoking Cuban cigars in the evenings, celebrating that its old foe, the only party that has a realistic chance of dislodging it from power, the once mighty MCP, is slowly consuming itself in brimstone fire of self-immolation.

That is why Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (the naughty ones are calling it Mutharika Broadcasting Corporation for its obsession with the President) faithfully relayed it to Malawian living rooms as Kaliwo was addressing the Grace Bandawe conference.

I am sure the MBC news desk was the first to get the invitation to the press conference and their cameras got vantage positions on the set.

Now some Malawians may be short in stature but they were not born yesterday. MBC does not cover opposition leaders such as Kaliwo unless they are doing some favour to DPP.

Only Kaliwo knows what favour he was doing DPP and, in return, what is there for him as an MCP Secretary General that he claims to be.

But whatever it might be, one thing is certain. It is neither in the best interest of MCP or Malawians.

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