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DPP, CSOs meet an insult to Malawians


AFTER all the noise from civil society organisations (CSOs), demanding that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) refunds the K13.5 million it got from some parastatals for a party event, it is surprising that the activists have backed down on the demands after meeting the party.

The CSOs have been on DPP’s neck, to the point of pursuing legal action, to compel the party return the funds which belong to Malawians. DPP on the other hand, has been playing their usual defence on any accusation; abusive language, threats and simply looking away and ignoring the plea and advice.

So, to learn that a two-hour meeting between the two parties actually ended up not discussing the issues at all, with the CSO’s only saying it will be handled in another meeting “in the near future” is to say the least, insulting to Malawians. To begin with, this issue did not even warrant a meeting between the two parties; all that is needed is for the DPP to refund the money, and that is what should have been the agenda of the day.


We find it exasperating how the CSOs can bow down to a mere apology from the party on the abusive language it used and walk away believing that a dialogue had been reached or that the party had somehow ‘repented’. DPP is a party whose conscious is long dead; the CSOs should know this better than anyone else, so a mere apology from them does not warrant non-recurrence of a similar abuse of power in future.

CSOs claim to work in the interest of Malawians but such warm reactions to crucial governance malpractice, especially after meeting the culprits, make us question their motives. If indeed their interests lie in the citizenry and not selfish gains, what did they discuss with DPP for a whole two hours which produced no resolution? Malawians know what they want from this debate; a full refund of their hard-earned money meant to service them. Anything less than this is unacceptable.

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