DPP fears democracy


Mdzukulu, it is only the country’s whole-system cleansing by whatever creative means that can bring or add value to the seeds of democratic governance sown in 1993.

The cleansing would allow the citizenry to confront their ghosts of impotence and regain their rightful place as their own watchdog of their affairs and destiny.

Mdzukulu, to echo and paraphrase sentiments by one patriot, Malawians remain subjects of some ancient kingdom.


Malawians, therefore, are failing to make the transit ion to dutiful citizens with full rights to exercise under their new democratic dispensation in their beloved country having accepted their status as ‘subjects of a kingdom’ rather than ‘dutiful citizens of a functioning democracy’.

Recall, mdzukulu, soon after the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1989, a wind of pluralism blew across Africa and with it, agitations for political systems’ change. Thus, with the help of some Western donors, from 1990, ordinary Africans in many States managed to establish multiparty democracy though, sadly, with obtrusive mediocre leadership.

In Malawi, the political system shift brought a new wave of alienated leaders: Bakili Muluzi, the late Bingu wa Mutharika, Joyce Banda and the sitting Peter Mutharika with their coterie of sycophants.


Evidently, the country, politically, continues running around in circles just like headless chickens. No wonder, a sick snail’s pace seems to characterise development in the multiparty dispensation.

And, mdzukulu, a glance at events in the ruling Democratic Progressive Par ty now provides clear indicators of a cadet-behind-the-throne leadership in the party and the linkage between the prevailing socio-economic hardships and policy decisions and the pursuit of narrow interests by the party.

If indeed, Mutharika, as he has been telling the world, was part of the group that authored the Malawi Constitution, then, mdzukulu, the President would be the first to know the importance of upholding the spirit of democracy not only in the country but DPP.

Perhaps that would save the President from an embarrassment he and DPP faithful are visiting upon themselves of late.

Mdzukulu, DPP Members of Parliament yesterday gathered in Lilongwe and pledged their loyalty to Mutharika and endorsed the President as the party’s torchbearer for 2019 elections.

The DPP MPs’ meeting took place amidst reports that the lawmakers within the party are receiving pressure from party Secretary General Gresselder Jeffrey and DPP vice-president for the South George Chaponda to endorse Mutharika.

Of course, mdzukulu, gathering party members to garner support for a preferred candidate is not wrong.

But the endorsements came against the background of some DPP members declaring their support for Vice-President Saulos Chilima to stand for the presidency in the 2019 Tripartite Elections.

And these members are being ridiculed for simply exercising their democratic right of choice as enshrined in the Constitution.

And, mdzukulu, that is what is most ironical.

DPP takes on the label of democratic party but it is seen to be led by undemocratic leaders. The party has shown that it is in the hands of leaders who actually fear democracy.

No wonder, mdzukulu, DPP has always defined democratic citizenship by ethnicity, religion, region or party affiliation by which formula also defines who benefits or loses out in the manner of distribution of resources, access to services and ascription of rights and freedoms.

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