DPP government’s competence in incompetence


It has been called a monster albeit an invisible one. It has been called a serpent’s tooth. It has been called a marble-hearted fiend. It has been called a door slammed shut in the face of humanity.

What is it?

Mdzukulu, the answer is mental disturbance; so easy to commit, so difficult to bear. Mental disturbance. Caused not so much by what we do as by what we fail to do.


The tale, for example, in Why are we so blest? – a novel by one of Africa’s leading fiction writers Ayi Kweyi Arma – shows mental disturbance due to disillusionment in action.

In Why are we so blest?, largely set in the United States, Arma tells the story of Modin Dofu, an African student who drops out of Harvard University and decides to return to Africa after becoming disillusioned with his experience with Western education.

Dofu brings his white lover Aimée Reitch. However, his return to Africa proves disastrous when the conflict between values and his involvement with Reitch eventually destroys him.


Dofu, mdzukulu, is the embodiment of the psychological effects of colonialism on the people of contemporary Africa leading to mental disturbances across the continent.

The colonial mental disturbance has caused so great damage to many African countries – Malawi inclusive – psyche that there is need to reboot the system. And the malaise is highly contagious!

Mdzukulu, if you honestly asked me, I would truthfully tell you that the county’s leadership needs some revolution.

Capable leadership needs to be accountable to the general populace for the exercise of all public power and whose trust and confidence it must enjoy at all times and convince it that it is not using their public positions for personal gain and avoid any conflict of interests between their private and official undertakings.

But you know, mdzukulu, there is much frustration that since the second coming of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) under the tutelage of President Peter Mutharika, the country has discussed the merits of a transformational leadership that will change the face of Malawi.

The view across the sweeping ranks is that nothing has significantly changed regarding transformative and moral quality of the leadership.

The view of the povo, mdzukulu, is that the government is being run on trial-and-error and sometimes on autopilot as others have well described it.

For example, mdzukulu, Chief Secretary to Government Lloyd Muhara has revealed that most computers government ministries, department and agencies receive through donations go missing.

Muhara spoke in Lilongwe Tuesday when he received 10 laptops and 10 computers from the Egyptian Agency of Partnerships and Development.

He said even donated vehicles have gone missing in the government.

This, frankly, mdzukulu, is a plain case of the one person who must most personify good governance forever being at odds with it.

That the whole chief secretary to government would speak and think in this way negates the saint image DDP is untiringly trying to portray to the public and the fight-against-corruption song the government has been singing.

The thinking also shows how systematic corruption has become in Malawi and corroborates the fact that DPP leadership belongs to the same political class of the inventor of kleptocracy in Malawi – former United Democratic Front chairperson and head State Bakili Muluzi.

The blatant, mdzukulu, acceptance of public resources looting by Muhara is one of the indicators that the country will be in for yet another rude awakening.

What is certain, mdzukulu, is that, through Muhara, the DPP government has demonstrated utter competence in presiding over government that has overwhelming appetite to feast on public resources.

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