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DPP is promoting lawlessness


Many Malawians are utterly disappointed by the move taken by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which mobilised vendors and its supporters yesterday to demonstrate against today’s peaceful demonstrations in Blantyre.

The DPP has all along been against the peaceful demonstrations that concerned citizens have organised through Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

It is baffling to see that the DPP administration, which vowed to protect and promote the rule of law, is in the forefront encouraging the youth to be violent. They have pulled all the stops to discourage Malawians from participating in the protests.


The CSOs have been holding discussions with relevant government institutions such as the police and the district and town council officials and they have all agreed that the demos should go ahead.

It is important to note that the CSOs, who the government now is portraying as protagonists, have complied with all legal requirements to hold the protests.

It is surprising, therefore, that the DPP leaders want to usurp the role of State security agents and the city fathers. It is also strange that the DPP could freely parade in the streets when all other Malawians have to get clearance from the law enforcers and local government authorities.


We would have expected the DPP to be the last entity to threaten violence as a means to scare away Malawians from the demos. In July 2011, the same DPP regime in the same Blantyre City unleashed its terror machine, the cadets, brandishing pangas on the Masauko Chipembere Highway.

The party resorted to terror to stop peaceful demonstrations planned for July 20, 2011.

But the will of the people prevailed over the will of the gun. However, 20 innocent youthful lives were lost in Mzuzu City.

Democracy means that citizens delegate their responsibility to govern themselves to some elected officials. But even the Constitution clearly states that those who govern can only continue to do so upon sustenance of trust from the people.

The DPP is refusing to learn from its own history. As Archbishop Thomas Msusa recently said: “One day, the power of the people shall prevail over the power of the gun.”

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