DPP is too afraid of MCP


Mdzukulu, Napoléon Bonaparte once said: “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

If you listened to the speeches President Peter Mutharika and Democratic Progressive Party’s Secretary General Greselder Jeffery made in Mzuzu and Chitipa respectively, you will be convinced that the two make too much noise to hear themselves.

Jeffery, in the language of some other quarters, ‘bashed’ the supposedly Malawi Congress Party and People’s Party alliance, saying MCP is taking advantage of the existing leadership vacuum in PP by poaching a number of its senior members and that PP should brace for a rude awakening in future.


But that was after her boss had accused MCP of mistreating the party’s vice-president Richard Nsowoya, whom he said is a noble man.

Now, for argument’s sake mdzukulu, suppose the two were really mistakes MCP is making that would consequently lead to its utter failure in the 2019 polls, is it really in the realm of possibility that Mutharika, Jeffrey and some self-acclaimed political analysts could be grumbling about?

Following their line thought, it is apparent that come 2019, DPP wants to remain in power and that could only happen if MCP and any other party to contest in the 2019 polls lose.


The Sidik Mia, Richard Nsowoya, and of course now with his ‘political capital’ associates, and present-imaginary MCP-PP alliance suggested blunders can only work to the advantage of DPP and all those who wish the wind of victory should blow their way in 2019.

Now, mdzukulu, should any sane Malawian squander any of their scarce and valuable trust ‘capital’ in Mutharika, Jeffrey, DPP and the unsighted followers when it is clear that any heading into a wrong direction of MCP could surely excite the other camp and would not be willing to appoint themselves strategists and advisers of MCP.

Is it not surprising that from nowhere DPP are working themselves into a frenzy to portray themselves strategists of not the fight against corruption, fraud and looting of government resources but an opposition party which they are very much willing to defeat in 2019.

And colorfully as they wallow into such shallow semantic verbiage, they drop references to a reverential, sacrosanct, could-do-no-wrong and beyond reproach leaders in DPP of themselves that values uprightness.

The scripture, mdzukulu, says: “Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening?” (James 13: 11).

Just as it is impossible for a bitter spring to bring forth sweet water, it is impossible for a DPP to produce serious leaders or an unjust and broken system such as DPP’s to produce just characteristics: justice, fairness, selflessness, impartiality, incorruptibility, consideration, humility, earthliness and the ability to see things as they should.

In fact, as a reminder mdzukulu, ethnicity, world over, is one of the most frequently cited sources of instability and conflict within states.

Little wonder, intra-state conflicts between different ethnic groups, or between ethnic minorities and the state, are much more common than inter-state conflicts today.

It is, therefore, crucial for states around the world to find institutional devices which can ensure democratic participation from the whole spectrum of ethnic groups within a state while and at the same time managing ethnic tension to prevent violent conflict, instability or state disintegration.

So, mdzukulu, it is better for us to think as Malawians first before we can think of being Lhomwe, Yao, Chewa, Ngoni, Tumbuka, Ngonde and so forth.

Sadly though Mutharika has no shame to publicly confess is nepotistic mind as he once, in a Shakespeare’s Mark Antony spectacle, fished out a note from his pocket just to confirm what goes on in his mind when it comes to public appointments.

And this where the msowoya matter get its impetus. In Bonaparte’s words, why not start celebrating in DPP camp now that it is known to them that MCP is dead and buried?

DPP is too afraid of MCP to govern properly at the moment.

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