DPP official shot by unknown assailants


Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Regional Treasurer for the North, Happy Kumwenda, was on Monday night shot by unknown people at his house at Mzilawayingwe Township in Mzuzu City.

Northern Region Police spokesperson, Maurice Chapola, confirmed the incident in an interview with The Daily Times on Tuesday.

Kumwenda, who is also a Malawi Housing Corporation board member and an active member in the DPP regional committee, told The Daily Times from his hospital bed at St. John of God Hospital that the unknown assailants, parked close to the entrance of his compound and waited for his return.


He said upon arrival at his house at around 8pm, three men emerged from the vehicle and came closer to him and one of them shot him at the back. He fell down and pretended to have died and the people fled from the scene.

“I was driving from town to my place at around 8pm and a certain motorcycle was following me up to close to my home. I paved the way and it passed while [cruising]. When I arrived home and got out of the car, I was surprised that my watchman whom I was talking to, lost attention and looked to where the men were coming from. My watchman greeted them and before I entered the house, he called me saying the men wanted a vehicle for hire. I refused and when I was going close to them, one of them shot me at the back and they all ran away,” said Kumwenda.

After shooting him, Kumwenda said the men drove off in their vehicle which had no number plates. He said he recognized one of the attackers and that all the information about the suspect was with the police.


“I don’t know if there is politics in it or they were just robbers. In short, I can’t understand why they shot me. They shot me once and because my watchman ran away, they thought he would call people for help. And they thought I had died when I collapsed. You can feel the bullet is still close to my left shoulder.

“As I said that I know the person and I think he will tell me why he did that to me in court because I am sure this matter will end in court,” said Kumwenda, who appeared not shaken.

But Chapola said the police are currently investigating the matter. He said they will make arrests following the outcome of their investigations and the victim’s statement.

“It is very true that a man was shot at Mzilawayingwe Township. I can confirm that we have launched a manhunt so that we arrest the men involved.

“We are very sure that we are going to work on whatever information might reach us, including what has been highlighted by the victim. As of now, we are appealing to the general public that they should not panic because the situation is under control,” said Chapola.

DPP Regional Governor for the North, Kenneth Sanga, said the party will wait for the police investigations before taking any action or making a statement.

Meanwhile, Kumwenda has been referred to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre where the bullets are expected to be removed.

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