DPP officials run for their lives in Lilongwe


There was drama in Lilongwe Friday when a planned Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) press conference ended abruptly as some people wearing the party’s colours forced their way into the venue and beat up officials who immediately took to their heels to save their dear lives

The officials, who were four in number, included party spokesperson Brown Mpinganjira, National Organising Secretary Chimwemwe Chipungu, Administrative Secretary Francis Mphepo and Legal counsel Charles Mhango.

The incident happened Just two minutes into the press conference when the attackers appeared from nowhere and forced their way into the meeting room, forcing the officials to abandon the press conference.


Mpinganjira said the violence was well organised, claiming people who were expelled from the party were responsible for the violence.

“We know that some members who were expelled from the party organised the violence because this is not the first time for such a thing to happen in the party,” he said.

Mhango said they will report the matter to police and to the party hierarchy.


“The party will map the way forward,” Mhango said.

During the incident Mphepo managed to hide in a ditch around the venue (Crown Hotel) after he sustained a cut on his lips from a punch.

According to Mpinganjira, they had wanted to address how government has handled the Covid-19 issue and ask to Malawi Electoral Commission to halt the scheduled by-elections in seven constituencies due to Covid-19 that continues to spread in the country.

The angry youths behind the attack were later heard shouting ‘don’t destroy our party, we cannot allow you to destroy our party, stop this’.

Two hours later, the DPP officials reconvened at another venue and told reporters that they will deal with the people who disturbed their press conference.

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