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DPP should govern in hell as well


To Peter Mutharika and his cronies such as that political dinosaur, Francis Mphepo, who had the audacity of saying newspapers should go to hell for criticizing the President, I also have this to say: They should also govern in hell not modern day Malawi.

For the DPP the Masintha Rally on Sunday was supposed to be the homecoming one at that venue. For the whole week the DPP propaganda machine worked in over drive to create expectation that some big fish was joining the party.

It turned out the big fish were some non political entities as well as some perennial political prostitutes and fortune seekers such as Bintony Kutsaira who have made it a point of their lives to be joining the gravy train of each ruling party and dump it when it is out of power for another that is in power.


DPP should have therefore enjoyed the occasion and live in a fool’s paradise for the supposed PR scoop of the week.

Yet the President and Mphepo once again used the public occasion to engage in their favourite pastime of intimidating the media, especially Times Group accusing us of writing negative things about government.

To impress his masters obviously to promote him to be full time secretary general of the party, Mphepo threw all sense of decorum to the wind and said those who criticize the President should jump into Lake Malawi and probably sink to its rock bottom.


Mphepo did not stop there. His wacky belief is that we write the negative stories to sell newspapers and so his advice is that we should sell them in hell.

As I said there is a simple adequate response to this. Mutharika and his poodles such as Mphepo envisage a Malawi where no one complains of bad government and general malaise as a result of deep-rooted incompetence of this administration even when its effects are far reaching for all of us.

In the prevailing political dispensation as result of the 1993 referendum that brought plurality, such a Malawi is impossible to have. Just like they have prescribed Lake Malawi and hell for those who demand accountability and transparency on those who live on tax payer funded public purse, I prescribe the same for them.

They should not come near our tax and think that we will shut up so they rule in peace when we know they are misgoverning.

Malawians deserve better by being told the full truth. This administration wants to continue cheating Malawians that all is well through tax payer funded MBC when the reality is the opposite.

This cheating of Malawians was there for all to see on Sunday when five ministers were paraded to lie to Malawians that they are drugs in hospitals, they have food, they have electricity and that corruption is being fought when the reality on the ground is the opposite.

Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda lied on the podium that no one will die of hunger when people in the village are already starving and they have not seen any food come their way.

Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu told the rally that ACB is fighting corruption when Malawians know that ACB has made it a point these days to be protecting the corrupt that are close to Mutharika.

My mesho in college, Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume had his turn to tell the rally that there are drugs in hospitals when the reality is that patients in government hospitals across the country are lacking the most basic of medicines such as Aspirin.

Minister of Education Emmanuel Fabiano had his turn to lie during the rally that all is well with our education when the reality is that it has

collapsed and children of poor people are still learning under trees in this day age.

Minister of Energy Bright Msaka took to the podium too to rap about ‘the great work’ his ministry is doing on energy when the truth on the ground is that Malawians are experiencing the worst blackouts in living memory.

The President and his sycophants such as Mphepo would rather Malawians hear these lies only. The private media is the only prick in their sides and because they do not understand democracy and have no respect for Malawians, they are saying what they are saying.

Fortunately this country is not the personal estate of Mutharika or Mphepo.

It belongs to all Malawians.

Because they want to take is as a personal estate and do with it as they wish, the fair thing is that they are the ones that should go to hell or Lake Malawi to govern.

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