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DPP should stop power abuses

There is no doubt that Malawi is a country facing innumerable problems.

Two and half years have passed since Malawians reengaged President Peter Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to lead the country.

The expectations among the public were that the ‘new’ DPP administration would walk the talk on campaign promises.

But the rhetoric, which has become the hallmark of the ‘new’ administration, is only breeding frustration and anger.

And no one seems to care about what is happening to the poor masses.

The executive arrogance that the country is beginning to learn to live with is only taking the country backwards.

It is no surprise that DPP through its Central Region Vice-President Hetherwick Ntaba has elected to rubbish calls asking the party to return the taxpayers’ money it forcibly and shamelessly obtained from some parastatals and Mzuzu and Blantyre city councils.

At a time the councils, for example, are far from satisfying the demands of social services from theirs residents the last thing the government would do is to be stubborn on the difficult-to-generate income at least when the government promised and is thinly pursuing reforms in various sectors.

But this perhaps need not be a surprise at all.

Apparently, the DPP government has for the greater part of two years demonstrated that it is a huge obstacle to the dreams of Malawians.

Even though public sector reforms remain a necessary and ongoing policy objective for many developing countries the country’s leadership is not effective enough to inspire and let alone implement the same.

The DPP methods of governance as well as development, as portrayed in the city councils’ money, are a reflection of lack of ethical leadership and integrity.

And Ntaba’s remarks just confirm that the DPP’s is but predatory leadership which erodes the country’s central public administration, which ends up being used for its own aggrandisement.

But this has to stop if the country is to realise its dreams.

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