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DPP-UDF partnership forever— Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has disclosed that the relationship between the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and its parliamentary partner, the United Democratic Front (UDF) will be there “forever”.

The parliamentary working relationship between the two parties came into being just after the 2014 tripartite elections when Mutharika included the UDF leader and fellow presidential race challenger Atupele Muluzi in his initial cabinet.

Thereafter, Muluzi convinced all UDF Members of Parliament (MPs), except Balaka North lawmaker Lucius Banda, to move to government side in Parliament.

The two parties have been saying their partnership is restricted to the parliamentary working relationship and there has been no any commitment on whether they will participate in the 2019 elections individually or as an alliance.

But speaking during the installation of Paramount Chief Kawinga of Machinga at Ntanja on Saturday, Mutharika said the time will come when the blue colour that defines DPP and UDF’s long-time yellow will be on the same cloth.

“I am very happy to see blue and yellow at the same place like this. It is very exciting. Next time it will just be one blue and yellow cloth. Not on two different pieces of cloth but on one cloth,” Mutharika said.

He described Muluzi as an intelligent and well-behaved young man who is willing to work with him unlike other mischievous young men.

“I am very happy that the relationship between DPP and UDF continues moving forward. This relationship will never end. It will continue from 2014, 2019, 2024, 2038 and thereafter,” he said.

What Mutharika has said may be one of several signs that the two parties are planning to form an electoral alliance for 2019 tripartite elections.

UDF spokesperson Ken Ndanga told The Daily Times, a week ago, that the UDF has not discussed with any party on electoral alliance in 2019 and such a decision can only be made after thorough consultation with the party membership.

“Any plan involving two sides ought to be discussed by both sides. We have no record of UDF and DPP discussing the 2019 elections. Should there be any plans to that effect, we shall be required to inform the membership because such a plan would need their support,” Ndanga said.

A strong critic of the UDF-DPP partnership, Lucius Banda, has been describing it as a relationship that has seen no signature from either party and is only benefiting Muluzi who is Minister of Lands, and Housing and Urban Development.

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