DRC Codeco rebels end insurgency


The Economic Development Cooperative (Codeco) rebel group in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) says it is ending its insurgency after peace talks with the government.

Codeco, which is one of the deadliest militia groups operating in eastern DRC, was blamed for last month’s slaughter of around 50 civilians in a mining area.

The group’s decision to end hostilities was made on Monday following talks in Ituri province that brought together representatives of various ethnic groups, including leaders of the Lendu community that is linked to the rebels.


“Codeco is going adhere to [the] peace process…we hope that from today peace will be back in our province,” Célestin Tawara, a representative of the Lendu community, said.

The truce came as army chiefs from the states that make up the East Africa Community met in Goma town to decide on a regional force to fight militia groups in eastern DRC. It is not yet announced when the force will start operations against rebel groups that will reject an offer to lay down their arms.— BBC

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