Dyson Gonthi to contest as MP


Veteran radio actor, story teller, cultural activist and broadcaster, Dyson Gonthi, has announced that he will contest as Member of Parliament (MP) in Ntchisi in the 2019 tripartite elections.

Gonthi said yesterday that time has come for him to serve people in Ntchisi as an MP, adding that politics has been part of him since the 1950s.

“Politics has been part of me for some time since the 1950s. At one point in time, I also expressed interest in contesting [for political office] but things did not go well. This time around, I am determined to contest,” Gonthi said.


At 67 years, Gonthi maintained that he was fit enough to contest as legislator and serve the people in Ntchisi better.

“At my age, it’s not about money because I just want to serve people of Ntchisi and help in developing the district,” he said.

Gonthi said, with his experience, he knows a lot about Ntchisi and that he feels that now it was time to serve it.


“It pains me to see Ntchisi lagging behind in terms of development in the country. It is a district which is rich in things such as culture and, yet, there is nothing tangible in terms of development,” he said.

The broadcaster said Ntchisi is a district that produces food, feeding Lilongwe City and district, among others, but “sadly” observed that it has failed to grow its economic base.

“As I said earlier, it is not about money. I want to work so that, at the end of it all, people should look at the work and not me. I am an experienced person and, as such, I have seen a lot,” Gonthi said.

He said he would continue with his work on culture as well as acting, even if he makes it to the august House.

“I am an old broom that sweeps better and knows all the corners. Many of the young ones these days lack seriousness and, as such, there is need for experience,” Gonthi said.

The old-timer added: “I am a moving library. There is a lot to learn from me. I am not saying the youth should not hold positions but most of them are there just to show off. As for us, veterans, we cannot do that. I would rather work to achieve results,” he said.

Gonthi has used different platforms— including plays, traditional dances and radio programmes— to promote culture in the country.

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