Political campaigns serve a singular noble purpose; an opportunity to sell manifestoes.

Other than that politicians use political rallies to measure their popularity, huge crowds enable politicians to shout from rooftops.

The catch-22 is a common denominator; same people attend rallies for different political parties.


In this day, is there any reason why the brick and mortar method of marketing political parties be by way of physical rallies?

With Covid-19 pandemic still rearing its ugly head and threatening our existence, surely, the answer is no.

This is a Facebook generation; even broadcasters race with social media. Before it is news on TV stations, it is already history on social media.


You are probably contending that social media is not for all in a third world country like Malawi with laughable internet penetration. Sure enough, but ordinary villagers of today own feature mobile phone with radio facilities.

Political parties can buy airtime from radio stations and sell their political parties. In that way, people in the village can virtually attend political rallies in the comfort of their homes.

Malawi has enough radio stations to cater for the current three contenders for the forthcoming fresh presidential elections.

The political partiescan go further to stream live on Facebook. All they need is a sizeable conference room to sit all their noisy speakers. The recorded content can be uploaded onto YouTube for those that missed live broadcasts.

The television broadcasts can also play a big role; actually these already do. The problem is that the way this is done is not right for this Covid-19 era. Politicians need not make people dramatise personae of their TV-broadcasts? The politicians are supposed to broadcast their messages to the people.

Is this not analogous to a football fanatic who goes to watch a football match with his radio broadcasting the same match strapped around his neck?

I have watched different political rallies on TV and I needed not travel to rally venues. After all, most of these rallies are on free-to-air stations, the likes of TTV and Zodiak.

e-Campaigns are not fraught violence such as we have witnessed recently. Most importantly, they do not expose people to Covid-19. With the numbers for Corona disease obeying natural progression rules, it is important that politicians should care about the health of the very people they wish to serve.

The world today is a totally different place. Thankfully, technology has alternatives for us. I rest my case, my lords.

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