Education is key to development—John Saka


University of Malawi Vice Chancellor, John Saka, has said the country needs to invest more money in education for it to develop.
Saka made the remarks at a prize giving ceremony at Central High School in Blantyre where 61 students were awarded certificates and medals for their outstanding performance.
“The Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) III has prioritised education and skills development since educated and skilled human capital is required for socio-economic development. This is also consistent with the Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality education across all levels including secondary school education,” Saka said.
As a result, Saka said the Malawi Government needs highly educated and skilled human capital to achieve the goals in the MGDS III.
“Life is a journey and, as you travel your path, you are and will be required to contribute to society, solve problems and make new discoveries. Therefore, relevant and quality education is a must. If you wish to shine, you must work hard, be disciplined and love what you are doing,” Saka said.
He added: “Don’t just stop here but rather look for further growth and also aspire to participate in the development of this country. This is an investment by your parents; therefore, make good use of it.”
Central High School Chairman of the Board of directors, Irfan Bheda, said the ceremony was aimed at motivating both the outgoing and current students.
“We wanted to recognise the efforts the students made during the last academic year and, obviously, to also acknowledge the efforts of the teachers who have helped them attain a certain grade as well as management at large,” Bheda said.

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