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Edward Makoka makes inroads

It is a hassle; establishing one’s presence in a crowded and competitive music industry.

And, as Edward Makoka— stage name Nycedo— can attest, “this becomes more difficult than usual in an industry like ours, where some structures have not been put in place and the burden of making it big is left in the hands of the artist”.

In spite of challenges, though, the 22-year-old has been making inroads, thanks to “persistence and vision— for I know where I want to take my music, and myself, to”, both in Malawi and abroad.

Since 2013, when he produced the single ‘Better Man’ – which was produced by Don foxy], which continues to enjoy airplay in radio stations in the country– Nycedo has gone on to compose and record eight songs.

They include ‘Better Man’ itself, a product of Step Up Records, ‘Chikondi ndi Mumtima’ produced by Trumale, ’Fire’, ‘Ndimafunitsitsa’ and ‘Usafooke’, all of which are Sispence’s productions, ‘Davido Fall’ produced by Rubrix, ‘Vuto ndi Mtima’ produced by Jay Emm and Gaffer and ‘Ndatopa Kuganiza’ produced by Gaffer of Audience Records.

It is these songs that have seen him perform at venues such as Robin’s Park as well as at public events in Blantyre City and Blantyre District.

Nycedo said the secret behind his success is team work.

“I work with a range of producers because I want the music lover to be exposed to different touches of music. Even though most producers use like software, everyone is a genius in their own way and this can be observed in my music.

“I also believe in collaborations. So far, I have done collaborations with other up-and-coming artists .I also learn from others. Dan Lu from Malawi and Roberto from Zambia inspire me. I strongly believe that I can take Malawi music somewhere. At the moment, I am thinking of the possibility of performing in countries such as Zambia to learn from artists in that country and improve my game,” he says.

At the moment, Nycedo has gone back to the studio, where he is working on two songs.

Each song, he hopes, will be like a step that takes him deeper into the forest of local music.

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