Egenco for diversity in energy sourcing

Moses Gwaza

Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) has said it is looking for a partner in putting up a 300 megawatts (mw) Kamwamba coal-fired power plant.

This is in a quest to enhance diversity in energy sourcing in the country.

Egenco says a feasibility study which started in August 2019 was concluded and that construction will commence once the partner is identified.


Egenco Senior Public Relations Officer Moses Gwaza said the company is undertaking a number of projects country wide to boost electricity generation.

“There are a number of sites and projects we are pursuing. Putting up a plant in the Northern Region has always been in our plans. We have plans to expand the Wovwe Hydropower Station, to double its current capacity to 9mw. We also have plans for the Lower Fufu Hydropower Project with over 250mw.

“We also have had plans for a coal-fired plant in the north to maximise on the already available coal in the north. As regards the north, Wovwe expansion, as a hydro plant, will start very soon. The coal plant in the north however, is not in our immediate plans. However, remember that, for now, when it comes to coal, we are prioritising the Kamwamba coal plant whose feasibility studies have been completed. We should be going into construction very soon once we identify a Strategic Partner for a joint venture,” Gwaza said.


Information available on its website indicates that the project will take about three years to complete after reaching financial closure.

The company seeks to improve its power generation mix from being 95 percent hydro-based to 76 percent hydro-based in five years.

This is coming at a time the country is grappling with energy shortages that have devastated the manufacturing sector and the public at large.

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