El Genesys’ soft sail


Whatever artist, songwriter and composer Edgar M’baluku— better known as El Genesys— ate, that day in 2011, must have been more sophisticated than nsima.

I mean, one does not just wake up, compose, record and ‘unveil’ a song titled ‘Anti-Christ Superstar’ without swimming in the waters of atheism, humanism or whatever thing that makes people think they are because they are. I mean people who believe that without them— and not a creator somewhere— they would not be here, in the world.

Such people may be put in the same group as that renowned academic David Goodall, that 104-year-old scientist who has decided to fly from Australia to the Swiss city of Basel, where an end of life clinic has approved his application for euthanasia.


In other words, Goodall wants to kill himself using others.

Goodall, an honorary research associate at Edith Cowan University in the West Australian capital of Perth, does not have a terminal illness, but is seeking voluntary euthanasia – which is illegal in Australia – on the grounds his quality of life has deteriorated, according to

Some people have argued that the scientist has gone too far, saying, as it were, that he does not ‘own’ his life, and that the Creator will punish him for ‘stealing’ life that does not belong to him. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


But the scientist seems to be made of sterner stuff, for he still wants to die. On Wednesday this week, he posed with his grandchildren. He was in a wheelchair. And this was a photograph taken on the last day of his days in the sun. He says the only regret he has in life is that he has lived long enough that he sees no value in life.


One does not need to take away their own life for people to know that they are made of sterner stuff. Take El Genesys, for instance. In a country known for its God-fearing people, he decided, after releasing his first song titled ‘Makwacha’— which was a hip hop song— to release a rap song titled ‘Anti-Christ Superstar’ in 2011.

Predictably, people rained stones of criticism on him, and the poor fella could do nothing but hide. Just a little smoke, in the form of a song titled ‘Anti-Christ Superstar’, was enough to generate the fire of negative publicity for El Genesys.

But, then, all bad days come to an end. In October the same year, El Genesys was featured on Zimbabwe’s Bos TV after he performed at a youth event in Bulawayo alongside Mozambican rapper Nandi.

Thereafter, the artist, who was born on January 3 1998, has sailed past the storm.

He has rebranded actually. In 2013, El Genesys rebranded from mainstream hip-hop to commercial in order to build an audience. He has also taken part in music competitions such as E-Wallet, Dolo wa Mu Hood and Airtel Search for a Star.

It is a typical case of rising after a fall. And such developments only attract relief; real relief. Things do not get better than this.

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