Elegantly dressed Windows 11


All along, Microsoft’s Windows design philosophy has been that of a highly functional monster with total disregard for fads and fashion. Not anymore.

Windows 11 is a re-design of Windows 10 with more functionality garbed in exquisite attire.To begin with, the Start menu now migrates to the middle bottom. Icons are glossy and curvy.

Windows Explorer has been bolstered, like Android, Apple’s iOS or any other modern-day software, and now includes a share button.


Microsoft Teams is built-in into the Operating System software. This is corporate “WhatsApp”, a messaging and video conferencing app for office workers.

And there is something revolutionary, Windows 11 runs Android Apps. Yes, you heard me right, Android is now a brother from another mother for Wi n d o w s . Here is the caveat, you can only get such apps t h r o u g h Amazon App Store and not through the more traditional Android Apps portal, Google Play. Who cares?

For those who are still nostalgic about retired and rusty Windows XP, there is the Windows XP Theme. With just a mouse click, you can make Windows 11 smokescreen into Windows XP. Who told Microsoft I needed that badly?


Is Windows 11 out? Not really. What is out there is a beta version. A trial version that is intended for the tech-savvy; to try out and give feedback to Microsoft.

Windows 11 will be unboxed any date in October 2021. Should you be excited? Not just yet.

Although it is going to a free-upgrade during the holiday season, your PC may not be eligible. The upgrade will only work on Intel 8th Generation or AMD Ryzen 2nd Generation chips. What that gibberish means is that, if your PC is using a processor manufactured earlier than 2017, it won’t be supported.

It is an old and devious trick by Microsoft to woe people into buying new computers. Windows is bundled into new computers. It is like VAT, attached to products just as good as viruses cling to human bodies.

What is the good, the bad and the ugly about Windows 11? Because it is Windows 10 re-engineered, there should be no issues with backward compatibility. All your Windows 10 apps should run joyfully on Windows 11.The bad? It is some seconds slower than Windows 10.

The chip restriction is evil. Microsoft has come back to say that it will allow certain corporations to by-pass the “by-law” but such PCs may not receive usual and regular updates.

So far so good.

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