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Embedded in stones


Of late, our good President Peter Mutharika has preoccupied himself in some grand acts of vanity.

For some months, Peter has gone on a circus of laying foundation stones for some fancy and phantom projects that only him and those wowed by his magic are sure and aware of.

So far, Peter must be a runaway contestant for the grand prize of the president with the most foundation stones in the universe. Peter has been president for close to four years. So far, what Peter has achieved is to complete works and projects initiated by his predecessors. But he has not missed an opportunity to claim all the glory.


If you try to remind him and his beloved minions that there has been nothing of note to record for the four years they have been in power, you are very assured of raw and savage vitriol. If they are in good mood, all they will give you are flimsy excuses that all the mess we are in is inherited from equally clueless past regimes.

But whatever is said or however one takes it, Peter has not been the fantastic leader some thought he would become. Peter is so lucky and also unlucky that he inherited the government from Joyce Banda—JB if you like. Lucky because the standards were set too low for the presidency by Banda and Peter did not have too much to prove that he was better. He is unlucky because any slight slump would be noticed because it would

surely be worse since the predecessor was a mess.


In the years that we have had Peter at State House, our hopes have steadily waned and all we have been left with is nothing but despair.

Peter’s bloopers have been serial raging from blatant lies, mismanagement, failure to fight corruption and complete hopelessness to bring sanity to public service delivery.

But come 2019, Peter might as well run away with the grand prize because, just like him, his alter ego, Lazarus Chakwera who leads the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) sounds as clueless. Not even once have I been impressed with alternative solutions that Chakwera and the MCP have for this country.

Chakwera is very good with his rhetoric but has not proven to be anything better than what we have now.

Sadly, 2019 will be a battle of who is the lesser evil more than it will be a battle of who will save and serve the country better.

If any of you has taken a little time to read the silly political arguments and inane mudslinging, you would have easily noticed that the future is gloomy for the country.

Come to think of it that the whole president—a learned man with a professorship hanging around his neck—all he has to do to prove that he is a man to lead the country is to go on a vain campaign of visiting markets and laying foundation stones.

Foundation stones are exactly what they are: foundation stones. Whoever is advising Peter must hang his head in shame for misleading the old man. Of course, what must be read between the lines is that Peter believes that Malawians can easily be taken for fools and made to believe that pupils will be learning in foundation stones and cancer patients will be cured in foundation stones while we will be travelling on a dual-carriage foundation stone.

But all these useless acts will be remembered by those who know what is real and what is not because— sadly Peter and his cabal do not know— all these false promises are embedded in stones.

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