Emerging Mbene


For the most part, Mbene Mwambene— the actor who has done us proud in Germany, Switzerland, all over the place— used to be lively in two places: the stage, where he feels like fish in a giant pit of water, and the television screen, so long as Manchester United are playing.

No more.

Not for bad or worse. But for the better.


Mbene’s head has become lively, too. The hair of the head is growing at an alarming rate, which means the pint-sized but big-hearted Mbene has grown pan-African wings.

And, ah, before I forget, he seems to be getting angry at any hint of injustice these days. And Mbene does not care whether the speaker of some piece of nonsense is Kanye West or whoever it be.

Which means he is no longer noisy when it comes to issues related to Manchester United, a team whose players have never set foot in his home village, but he still seems to believe, in his sports world, that Manchester United players have goat kraals in his village. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!Ha!


Of course, Mbene, like all of us, has a raw nerve that prompts him to react to issues time and again.

Take, for instance, his mumblings when he was in the country in March [the man is now writing about his experiences elsewhere, meaning that his is not in the country anymore] this year.

The man, whose head-hair is growing quicker than an under-five kid from rural Malawi, stepped on Malawi soil in March this year. And, as a ‘prodigal’ kid returning to motherland, he was almost celebratory.

I mean, his smile was so broad that it nearly escaped from his mouth to the heaarts of those who appreciated it. Literally. But it did not, because Mbene does not leave his smile ‘behind’, except when wakefulness escapes him. I mean, when he is overcome by sleep.

So, our theatre representative abroad stuck to his smile, never wanting it [the smile] to show on somebody’s forehead. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

That must have given him respite. You know, galu amauwa pakhomo pawo!

I think he enjoyed the whole experience of being back home.

Well, Mbene is out of this country again.

And, from the look of things, he has become our own version of Bob Marley. I mean, the hair.

And he has become our own version of Lucky Dube, too. He is speaking out, every now and then, on social issues.

And, in that mood, the smile escapes. The joviality is suspended.

Now, if foreign countries bring more of indignation to Mbene’s face, we will bring the boy back home. Yes, so that he can have all the fun and get a breather from the small irritations of the outside world.

That way, our boy will rediscover the meaning of relief.

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