Emperor of Malawi netball is back


At least the nation can afford a sigh of relief with the coming back of veteran netball coach Griffin Saenda and Whyte Mulilima to the helm of Malawi Queens.

Saenda is the one we always look up to when it comes to telling a netball story. His words have been bringing the sights and sounds of netball in Malawi.

With his coming, the nation anticipates a powerful wind of change in the approach to the game on the international stage.


The nation missed the services of Saenda when he was bedridden at a time the team badly needed him.

That was when Netball Association of Malawi was at loggerheads with star Mwawi Kumwenda.

Nam needs to be commended for re-appointing the gentleman to be at the helm of the Malawi Queens.


We all appreciate the positive contribution that Saenda has made to the development of netball in the country. He is a highly qualified coach with proper acumen of the game.

Two years ago, he managed to win bronze at the Fast5 Netball Challenge in Melbourne, Australia. Saenda has also won several accolades with the Queens.

Only if you are a witch or a wizard, can you doubt the combination of the two gentlemen and deliberately refuse to celebrate the dawn of the new era for Malawi netball.

Saenda is not like those talentless average coaches who can go to two international tournaments, play 10 games, and come back without even a point but still try to instil hope in us that things will improve.

They deliberately gave a blind eye to the fact that netball was collapsing under their weight.

It is sad that there are some people who don’t treat them with the honour they deserve, something that someone like me would not do even in my drunken stupor.

It’s not that the change in coaching panel could automatically bring change of results, what these coaches need is support from all stakeholders.

All in all, I have all the reason to salute the emperor of Malawi netball.

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