Enablers of rot


Mdzukulu, it is yet again a season of madness and almost anyone is an enabler of the rot.

Mdzukulu, a woman had a daughter who was a fool.

She implored all the gods to put some sense into her and the girl often heard her mother praying in this way.


One day, they went to their farm.

The girl left her mother and wandered into the fields. When she saw a man forcing himself on a goat, she asked: “What are you doing?”

The man said: “I’m putting some sense into it.”


The girl remembered her mother’s prayers and said: “Put some sense into me too!”

The man refused to screw her because, as he said: “There is nothing more ungrateful than a woman.”

The girl said: “Don’t worry on that account, sir! My mother will be very grateful to you and will pay you whatever you want since she is always praying for me to get some sense.”

So the man deflowered her.

The girl was overjoyed and ran to tell her mother with the good news.

“Mother,” she said, “I’ve got some sense now!”

The mother exclaimed: “The gods have answered my prayers!”

The daughter replied: “Indeed, they have, mother!”

The mother then asked: “And how did you get some sense, my child?”

The girl explained.

When the mother heard her daughter’s explanation, she said: “My child, you have lost what sense you had to being with!”

And the many problems Malawi is grappling with arise from that the country is cleanly in the spell of madness.

Mdzukulu, that truck-loads of life-saving drugs disappear from our government stores, storehouses, stockrooms, depots, warehouses and cross borders 24/7 and that billions of our taxpayer money is converted into personal money every other week under the noses and eyes of government managers, the reserve bank officials, commercial bank officials, armies of internal auditors and regiments of controlling officers undetected must again be a seriously cause for worry for the country’s well-wishers.

Mdzukulu, more ink can be spilt on paper to highlight evil acts that show that the country is headed for a mythical Icarus’ fall.

However, more worrying mdzukulu is that almost anyone is enabler in some ways for some of the rot and shameful white-collar thieving going on in the country – the passive—if not docile—citizenship and lack of motherland-DNA has allowed this rot – butchering of each other in pursuit of politics of the belly – and white-collar thievery and many other immoral acts to flourish vertically and horizontally for so long and therefore making government, the public, opposition political parties, religious institutions, the media, civil society and so forth complicit in the decay that Malawi has become.

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