Enoch Chihana appointed Pan-African Parliament vice president


Alliance for Democracy lawmaker, Enoch Chihana, has been appointed vice president (VP) of the Southern African Caucus (Sadc block) of the Pan-African Parliament.

Chihana, who is embroiled in a fight with his rival Frank Mwenifumbo over leadership of the party, was elected as VP to lead the Pan-African Parliament, a continental parliament comprising five members each from all African Union member states.

Delegates are presently meeting in South Africa for a meeting which will run until Friday.


In elections that took place at the conference, Chihana was elected as vice president while Roger Nkodo Dung from Cameroon is the new president.

Chihana’s name was proposed by Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of South Africa, Thandi Mondise, a proposal that was seconded by Zimbabwe.

In an interview, Chihana said he is very happy to be accorded such a challenging task and would ensure that he performs well.


“It is a huge responsibility. It is not easy to be elected from a small country like Malawi and it shows the confidence the people have in me and my country,” he said.

The Pan-African Parliament has 258 members from African countries. The office-bearers will hold their positions for three years.

Chihana was sent to the conference by Malawi Parliament.

Among other things, officials attending the conference are discussing the topic of African integration, as discussed by heads of State in Rwanda earlier this year.

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