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Enough crises

With Fanwell Kenela Bokosi:

There comes a time a people, no matter how docile they may be, have to stand up and say enough is enough. This has happened here and elsewhere before and it ought to continue to happen as long as injustice prevails. But, today, Malawians seem to have lost that courage and we have been caught several times watching what we must dismiss.

We are talking about abuse of power and the negligence that is characteristic of our government. To say the truth, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)- led government has not done anything for Malawi especially since they came back to power in 2014. The party has proven to be a bunch of crooks who thrive on corruption, violence and theft as if we were living in the Stone Age. The party is led by old men who know nothing about the needs of modern-day Malawi and these old men are assisted by very young thieves who masquerade as advisors to plunder resources of an already impoverished country.

The DPP is not thinking about long-term projects that may lift the country out of poverty. They are not thinking about empowering the layman on the ground so that, in the coming years, we can do away with donor aid. The government is still much dependent on useless loans and is busy building substandard roads, bridges and school blocks, ready to kill our children. We saw what happened to the bridge they were constructing in Kawale and we have heard of the makeshift school block that almost killed pupils after it collapsed last week.

As if that is not enough, these people deliberately choose to embarrass us even before international eyes. It is a shame that the State President and those old men around him have spent most of their time outside the country but they don’t feel ashamed of the state of this country. Recently South African Airlines suspended their flights into Chileka Airport citing the embarrassing condition of the infrastructure. Chileka Airport is not even an airport and these people in power know that but they are too selfish to act. They want to steal the money and make fortunes for themselves and their children, who are busy abusing drugs in foreign countries using tax-payers’ money. That is how selfish these people are.

In the 21st century, human rights have to be highly respected and jealously protected but it is a shame that such is not the case in Malawi. How come that, after several public outcries, the government is still failing to stop the killings of people with albinism in the country? Does this government really care about its citizens? It has not been a month since we heard of the tragic murder of a man with albinism in Nkhata Bay, and as if that was a joke, one of the suspects in the case had to escape from police custody. Are the people serious? Just weeks after that, a toddler with albinism went missing and the president and his boys have nothing to say on this. Their hands are tied by what they themselves only know.

There have been a series of political violence and attacks unleashed by suspected regime thugs and it is nauseating. Condemning the acts is not enough because we want the DPP to accept that these attacks may indeed be staged by their youth wing, which is notorious for stupidity. We have evidence for this since at one time some years back, the party had its youth in pick-up trucks brandishing machetes, threatening that they would kill us all. That was impunity of the highest order and continues today before their grinning old men. It is a shame to belong to such a party in these enlightened times.

Truth be told, Malawians deserve better than what we are been given. Malawi has never been a poor or mediocre country but it is those in leadership who are poor in thought and mediocre in deeds. We, as a country, deserve better and must stand up, charge and demand better. These people have abused us for a long time and it is time to put a break to this impunity. We have seen enough crises and they must end this year.

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