Entertainers Promotions courts One People’s Band


Nobody saw this coming. What started as a routine in the 1990s, when walking on foot was a personal endeavour for Mr Entertainer Jai Banda, has come back as a group endeavour in 2017.

Team Entertainers CEO, Tonderai Banda, said in an interview that Team Entertainers is this year bringing South Africa-based One People’s Band, formerly The Slaves, to Malawi, as one way of remembering Banda’s early days.

“One People’s Band is coming to Malawi in April and they will participate in a concert themed ‘Reggae by Foot’. The theme is inspired by what my father [Jai] used to do in Chitawira [Township] in the 1990s. He did not have a car by then and he would walk on foot to participate in activities to do with reggae, hence the term ‘Reggae by Foot’. It has been a long time and we want to bring those memories back.


“You may wish to know that it has been two years since I came back from England and we have been able to bring entertainment to Malawians ever since. We have the equipment and we have an international standard stage. Actually, we plan to bring new things at the ‘Reggae by Foot’ concert by, among other things, making the stage bigger, and ensuring that it is big enough to have a room where refreshments will be served and where artists will have a dressing room,” Tonderai said.

Tonderai added that the concert will promote the use of Malawian products and services by ensuring that the stage is constructed using materials sourced from within.

Apart from One People’s Band, local acts to perform include The Black Missionaries, Skeffa Chimoto up-and-coming artist Purple C, Positive Yut.


“While our aim is to make it a reggae concert, we will also accommodate dancehall since some of the artists are dancehall artists. We are trying to restrict it to reggae and dancehall,” Tonderai said.

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