Environment ruin riles Member of Parliament


Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources and Climate Change has expressed concern over increasing cases of destruction of environment which it says are threatening the future of the country.

The committee’s Chairperson, Werani Chilenga, has said lack of coordination among stakeholders is exacting a heavy toll on the environment with results being unreliable rainfall patterns, silting of rivers, droughts and floods.

According to Chilenga, despite having laws which are supposed to sufficiently protect the environment, officials in different departments and agencies watch proscribed activities like moulding bricks in cities continue without consequence.


Chilenga compelled officials from the Department of Environment to stop some people who were illegally moulding bricks along the Kanengo-Area 25 Road in Lilongwe after noting that their activities were posing a serious danger to the safety of people, yesterday.

A big ditch has been dug near an electricity pole, making it susceptible to strong winds.

Chilenga said such activities which are happening under the watch of authorities whose job is to protect the environment, simply show how irresponsible the authorities are.


“This is very pathetic. It is like no one seems to care. It is like we borrowed this country from elsewhere such that we will return it one day,” Chilenga charged.

He added that it is unfortunate that Parliament passes laws which are aimed at protecting the environment, but some authorities refuse to take action on those who flout such laws.


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