Erik Paliani hints at new record


Singer and guitarist Erik Paliani has said he is working on a musical project that he hopes to release next year.

Paliani said in an exclusive interview on Sunday that he is coming back into the fold.

“Sixty percent of the project is done. I have recorded part of it in South Africa and Israel,” he said.


Paliani said it has been sometime since he worked on new songs, having dropped his Chitukutuku album which has tracks such as ‘Dr Nico’.

The Mchinji-based musician said he is rebranding and looking at things from a different angle.

“We are looking at jazzing the industry and this includes getting into more collaborations. At the moment, I can tell you that I will be working with McLuther Mambala and Nyokase Madise, who used to star with Zathu Band. I want young artists to understand that music is serious business,” the artist, who worked with several international acts, said.


He said he would continue to raise the bar for jazz, saying it remains the mother of all genres and that he is impressed with the number of players on the market.

“Music Crossroads Malawi is producing the numbers, in the Northern Region we have the influence of Lusubilo and all we need now is jazz education and having more academies to put more intellectuality into our music,” Paliani said.

He said, as a veteran artist, he is also targeting training more female acts especially those playing instruments.

“I want to see more female acts playing instruments and not only singing. We need to take Malawian music to the higher level so that it becomes difficult for anyone just to be a musician. This is a specialty career and it’s not about anyone just being a musician,” Paliani said.

Paliani also touched on Kayesa Creative Centre in Mchinji District where he has brought in creative minds.

“I have Nyokase in this as well as Kimber Mutanda who used to trade with Real Elements. This is not a memorised craft, we need to learn the craft; and we also have to make sure that musicians and artists from other disciplines understand issues of copyright and their rights,” he said.

Paliani said he wants to pass over experience to youngsters and that he is looking into projects such as Mystical Jazz Series which aims at bringing in rural aspects of traditional music and mixing it with jazz concepts.

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