Europe doors opening for Madalitso Band



The country’s artists have had it tough to penetrate the international platforms particularly starring in top festivals that feature top acts.

But it seems the trend is now changing and Malawians are slowly gaining ground and opening doors.


Last year, Faith Mussa performed at Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom, where he shared the stage with several other acts.

His performance at the festival was worthwhile as it even helped him network with other artists, who he is currently working with.

Doors are indeed opening for now although the country still needs to dig deeper to have more artists flying the country’s flag in top and well -known festivals.


It is high time that the country’s artists embraced festivals so as to be counted among the best and also to strengthen their CVs.

Faith’s performance at Glastonbury Festival has sharpened his CV and now he is even attract interest and is able to holding shows in the United Kingdom.

And just recently, musicians Patience Namadingo and Princess Chitsulo also earned themselves space on European platforms when they performed in Germany at the Fete de la Musique in Hannover.

Performing in Europe was the first outing for Patience and Princess and they are no longer the same.

This also brings us to good news for Malawi, as Lilongwe-based Madalitso Band leaves the country on Sunday for Europe where they are set to hold several performances including starring at Roskilde Festival in Denmark on July 4.

“Although there is little support for the creative industry, something is happening on the ground. We are now able to take our musicians to perform in Europe and not just performing in smaller venues but in top festivals,” Emmanuel Kamwenje, Madalitso Band’s co-manager, said.

Kamwenje said the group will also perform in Berlin, Germany and Switzerland.

“They have eight shows in France, three in Norway and they will finish off in Sweden,” he said.

Madalitso Band, the duo of Yobu Maligwa and Yosefe Kalekeni has gained ground since they performed at Sauti ZA Busara Festival in Tanzania last year.

They also performed for the first time at this year’s Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa) in Zimbabwe.

Hifa is one of the top festivals in Zimbabwe and brings together artists from different countries.

The festival was held from May 1 to 6.

It is even encouraging Madalitso Band will perform at Roskilde Festival.

This is a Danish music festival held annually south of Roskilde and is one of the largest music festivals in Europe and the largest in Northern Europe.

“As we indicated earlier, this will be a busy year for Madalitso Band. Malawi is coming up and we hope more doors will open,” Neil Nayar, who will be travelling with Madalitso Band, said.

Maligwa and Kalekeni said they are happy that doors are opening for them and said they owed this to their managers Nayar and Kamwenje.

“Our managers have been very helpful and God should really bless them. We are excited with these opportunities and we will continue to out the best and fly Malawi’s flag,” the said.

The duo, which was also part of the artists who performed at the Rhythm of the Rainforest festival in Ntchisi District recently, will also perform at the Lake of Stars Festival to be held at Kabumba Hotel in Salima on September 28 -30.

Maligwa said they are currently working on an album and that a few tracks will be released soon.

“The album has no name yet and we are not sure if it will be an album or just a few tracks. At the moment the songs are being mixed and we are optimistic people will love them,” Kamwenje said.

Madalitso Band has one album to their credit titled.

Their life has really changed for the better but they still need more support. There is talent in the country no doubt about that.

Originally, the duo started as Mtandire Boys but they changed to Madalitso later.

Maligwa and Kalekeni live in Mtandire but Maligwa hails from Ntcheu while Kalekeni is from Mayani, Dedza, and is also a self taught guitarist.

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