European Film Fest Malawi comes up


The European Film Festival Malawi, the first of its kind, opens this weekend in Lilongwe.

With the country’s film industry still searching for more platforms to showcase its works, the European Film Festival spearheaded by European Union (EU) is set to give filmmakers the chance.

EU says in a press statement that Europe’s cinema industry is thriving and producing award-winning visual storytelling and that they are pleased to support Malawi’s growing film industry through the festival.


The statement says through visual storytelling, Europeans and Malawians can connect on a deeper level as themes in films show shared values and offer cultural understanding between people.

“Europe, just like Malawi, is about unity in diversity. Through this first film festival, we celebrate cultural diversity and a commitment to talk about things that really matter to people – from family relationships to survival and the hardships of life. Culture is critical for any nation to thrive,” Head of Delegation for European Union in Malawi, Sandra Paesen, said.

Paesen said she was happy to see so much Malawian talent represented at this festival, next to established European movies.


Three months ago EU also supported the DJ Lab training organised by Music Crossroads Malawi which saw DJ Mukambo from Belgium facilitating the training.

The festival starts on Friday at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe and will end on October 12.

It is expected to hold three screenings in Lilongwe and Blantyre, which will bring a showcase of established and rising talents in filmmaking from Europe and Malawi.

According to the statement, the curtains open with a screening of Going South, a short film by Malawian filmmaker Elson Kambalu honouring those who leave home in search of greener pastures.

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