European Union EU pledges K131 billion to Malawi


stylianidesThe European Union (EU) Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides, has announced an additional humanitarian support of €170 million (about K131 billion) to w ards community development and resilience initiatives in areas suffering from the disaster that emanates from the El Nino drought.

Stylianides, who was in Malawi to assess the effectiveness of the EU humanitarian aid in helping communities to deal with the effects of prolonged drought, was speaking on Saturday in Chikwawa when he visited Andrea and Ng’ombe villages in Traditional Authority Maseya.

He said he was impressed with what he saw on the ground as vulnerable people who are benefiting from EU’s assistance are also involved in various resilience activities like planting of trees along river banks to prevent future disasters.


“I am impressed because people here are dedicated to assist themselves through our assistance despite the fact that they are going through hardships, so in a long term, we will continue to support them and with this support, we will go as long as we meet the needs of their lives. I am here to tell them that they are not alone and my mission is to raise awareness to the international donors not to forget Malawi because what I have seen is need for more assistance if we are to overcome this challenge,” Stylianides said.

The Commissioner also noted that Malawi Government and some other partners have taken important steps to improve lives of vulnerable people.

But he still asked government to maintain a good collaboration with international bodies such Red Cross, the United Nations agencies and others as a way of ensuring continued support for the vulnerable.


“The EU stands firm behind Malawi and other countries in southern Africa that were hit by El Nino drought. We are committed to help Malawi break the cycle of humanitarian crises exacerbated by the climate changes and, in addition, the EU is about to finalise two new large programmes under the 11th European Development Fund that will help boost agriculture production, build the resilience of Malawians and tackle malnutrition at the same time we are encouraging the government to address the root causes of food insecurity and deliver on the policy commitments made under the new alliance,” he said.

Stylianides also encouraged the government to control population growth so that the government should not fail to provide social services to its citizens.

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