Evangelical Association of Malawi calls for prayers


Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) has called for divine intervention to address challenges the country is facing, citing socio-economic challenges and prolonged dry spells.

The association has issued a public statement asking Malawians to pray for the country.

On economic challenges, the association says Malawians should pray for economic recovery as prices of basic needs are rising beyond the limits of the average citizen.


EAM General Secretary Francis Mkandawire has, therefore, called upon all Malawians “of goodwill” to dedicate January 2022 as a prayer month for the country.

“Many [people] are struggling economically and failing to meet basic family needs. Let us pray for the turnaround of our economy as we all join hands towards the rebuilding of our country, despite our political affiliations,” the statement, which was released on Monday, reads.

Mkandawire says there is also a need to pray for rains, citing the prolonged dry spell in some parts of the country.


EAM also wants Malawians to pray against corruption, the Covid pandemic and road accidents.

“We, as a nation, have sinned against the Lord in many ways. We have often promoted and tolerated rebellion and disobedience, including corruption in our midst.

“Pray for God’s mercies and forgiveness upon us, as a people. Please earnestly pray to God for the healing of our nation from its current challenges,” the statement adds.

Recently, Malawians, led by politician-cum-comedian Bon Kalindo, have been flocking to the streets of the country’s cities of Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zomba to protest against rising prices of commodities.

Government spokesperson Gospel Kazako has, however, said the government is working towards addressing challenges that Malawians are facing.

On December 10, the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS) attributed the dry spell to the absence of systems that generate rainfall such as the Inter- Tropical Convergence Zone and Congo Air Mass.

DCCMS Director Jolam Nkhokwe said, instead, the country has been under the influence of dry winds from the east.

He, however, indicated that the outlook would change from December 13.

“Thereafter as from 13th December 2021, a number of places in the country are expected to start experiencing rainfall activities which will initially be isolated but gradually increase in coverage as airflow from the east converges with airflow from the south-east,” he said.

The development comes as the country is in the third month into the rainy season, according to the department— which announced that Malawi went into the rainy season on October 1.

In a program Galamukani ndi Times on Times Radio recently, only one person out of 34 who contributed by sending messages about weather conditions in their areas said there was the normal flow of rains and that was in the area of Traditional Authority Ngabu in Nsanje.

The rest said either there were no rains or the rains just came for a few days and stopped.

The DCCMS had said in its forecast that in November, most areas in Blantyre were likely to get rainfall up to around 150 millimetres, which would be within the normal to above normal rainfall range with the range increasing to between 175mm to 200mm.

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