Evison Matafale Memorial Sunday


By Sam Banda Jnr:

The highly anticipated free annual late Evison Matafale Memorial show will be held at Civo Ground, Gadaga, Chileka in Blantyre on Sunday.

Black Missionaries’ lead vocalist, Anjiru Fumulani, said Sunday all is set for the 16th edition of the memorial that attracts thousands of people.


Last year, the memorial ended prematurely due to rains which were accompanied by heavy winds that damaged instruments.

Over the years, Black Missionaries has been finding it hard to access the ground to host the event and has had to seek permission from Chileka Airport authorities.

“I can confirm that the memorial is on this Sunday November 25. We have been given permission and we will be releasing the full line-up by tomorrow (Monday) noon,” Anjiru said.


The event commemorates the life of Matafale, founder of Black Missionaries who died on November 27 2001.

Although Matafale stands out during the memorial, the event also commemorates the lives of other fallen Chileka artists including Musamude and Gift Fumulani.

Matafale rose to fame and became one of the country’s favourite musicians by 2000 through the release of his debut album, Kuyimba 1, in 1999.

His mature songs with rich messages continue to speak to the masses today and the songs enjoy airplay in local radio stations.

“This is a platform where we celebrate the lives of Evison Matafale, Musamude Fumulani, Gift Fumulani and other Chileka artists as well, giving them respect for the foundation they laid. It is also time we remind people about where we are coming from. The message they left is still there,” Anjiru said.

He called on people to come and be part of the event but also celebrate peacefully.

The past two years, Anjiru also hinted that they were looking at moving the memorial from Chileka describing the event as national.

“We wanted to do that but there are mixed views since Matafale, Gift Fumulani , Musamude and others came from Chileka; so, it carries more weight holding it here although the artists are for the nation,” he said.

Since the demise of Matafale, the band has released other Kuimba albums up to the latest Kuimba 11 which was launched this year.

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