Ex-intelligence chief bail ruling August 3


Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Service, Kenam Kalilani, and Chief Information and Communications Officer for State Residences, Chance Chingwalungwalu, will have to wait till August 3 whether they will be granted bail after being charged with theft of government computers.

The two, who were arrested on Saturday, allegedly committed the offence last month according to the charges read out by Lilongwe Principal Resident Magistrate Viva Nyimba Monday.

State prosecutor Moji Phiri told the court that the police have since confiscated the computers and corresponding systems and that they need more time to investigate matters that arose after the arrest.


“Investigations will centre on issues that arose after their arrest. What is being investigated is not only the items stolen but items of the system. If they can be granted bail, the probability of interfering with the investigations will be high. Those that manage corresponding systems are people that the accused have been working with,” Phiri said.

He also claimed that the strength of the available evidence may lead to the accused evading trial and went ahead to ask the court to have them remanded in custody until the investigations are concluded.

However, Kalilani’s lawyer William Chiwaya objected to the submission, arguing the state machinery should have first concluded the investigations before effecting the arrest.


Eventually, Nyimba ruled that he will make his bail ruling on August 3.

Meanwhile, the High Court in Blantyre Monday granted bail to Norman Chisale who is answering a charge of attempted murder in relation to a shooting incident that occurred in Chimwankhunda Township in Blantyre in May this year.

The case was brought to the High Court Monday for committal by the state through the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Lawyer for the accused Chancy Gondwe said High Court Judge Sylvester Kalembera gave the defendant bail with five conditions.

“The conditions are that he should provide a K1 million cash bond, two blood relatives as sureties who will be bonded at K500,000 each, surrender travel documents which are in Lilongwe, report to Soche Police every fortnight on Fridays and never leave Blantyre without notifying the police,” Gondwe said.

However, Chisale had spent another night at Chichiri Prison because, according to his lawyer Chancy Gondwe, there was a delay to serve the police and prison authorities documents of the bail.

“We only managed to serve on the state advocate and we delayed to serve on the other parties so we have to do it tomorrow (today) and serve the documents on the Southern Region Police Headquarters and Chichiri Prison Service because you are only released when these formalities have been executed properly,” Gondwe explained.

Last week, Gondwe was quoted in our sister paper Malawi News indicating that the victim of the shooting incident, which he described as incidental, withdrew the case.

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